Home Improvement is on the rise whether you’re buying, selling or staying put; we all want our surroundings to be visually appealing and unique. When I say unique I mean unique to our personality and character traits. Face Brick has been around for years and it was the American Dream to own a brick house but with new products being introduced to the market we have more choices than ever before. For all the DIY – Do It Yourself Enthusiast a day at Loews, Home Depot and even Wal-Mart is a day well spent.

TREND UPDATE on Interior and Exterior Facelifts feature the use of Manufactured Stone Veneer, Faux Stone, Cultured Stone Veneer and not the “Lick and Stick” Variety but a true Stone Veneer from top suppliers in the industry.

Interior Facelifts include Fire Mantels and Hearths being converted to works of art with many different varieties of Manufactured Stone Veneer available in a variety of styles and colors. Take a simple drywall either painted in faux finish, plain white or wood paneling all of which are a little outdated and ready to take on a new look. To create a Distinctive Look in your home take a look at replacing face brick and plain old walls with true quality Superior Hand-Crafted Stone for Life!

When choosing a stone keep in mind that a variety of colors and styles can be mixed to fulfill your unique desires. Virtually any style can be achieved by mixing patterns. This is not the DIY project; Manufactured Stone Veneer installation is best left to the professionals such as Masonry Contractors and General Contractors who are experienced in this application because Mortar is used to install.

Exterior Facelifts include partial installation of Stone Veneer or covering all Face Brick to give your home a distinguished look of elegance.

Service Magic provides a list of approved contractors who specialize in Masonry or let your fingers do the walking and look for Masonry contractors.

Today Home Builders are using partial to full applications of Manufactured Stone Veneer on New Homes both Production Home Builders and Custom Home Builders. Check out some of the best Austin Area Custom Builders such as Pillar Custom Homes,, Jeff Watson Homes in the Austin Area – and Rufino E. Lopez III a Houston Area Builder who does Custom and Production Homes. All these Builders have one thing in common besides TALENT they use the best Stone Products.

Manufactured Stone Veneer is an alternative to Face Brick that offers many valuable reasons to make a change. All stones are not created equal but the most valuable reason to convert is COST! Manufactured Stone Veneer is less than one-half the cost of natural stone. In a future article offering a Product Review I will touch base on what to look for in Stone Products.

Custom Builders in the Austin Area are using large amounts of Manufactured Stone Veneer and the finished Homes are Magnificent. For total elegance take a look at using Stone Veneer in both the interior and exterior of your New Home and or for your next Home Improvement Project!

Custom Builders like Pillar Custom Homes, Jeff Watson Custom Homes and others are creating Masterpieces in Stone! For a list of credible Buidlers and Contractors please use the helpful links provided.

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