Talking the Lemmings Back from the Cliff

The remaining support for the policies of the far right seems determined to go right off the cliff with this insane Administration. What the rest of us need to think about is how to talk some of the lemmings from going off the cliff. Well, at least enough of them so that we can swing control of Congress over so that there will be a check put upon what is going on. John Dean talks about this final group of support in his book “Conservatives Without A Conscience.” He points to the fact that a percentage of the American population will stick with an Authoritarian far right leader, as long as they identify with that leader. And that they will follow that leader in a downward spiral, never waking up to the dismal reality until it is too late.

The challenge is how to try to persuade them into looking beyond the surface without completely alienating them. It can be quite a challenge, given just how bad their positions can be. Still, we must try. We now know there is no connection between Iraq and Al Qaeda. We know the American treasury is being raided to pay for the tragedy in Iraq and to line the pockets of rich cronies. We know that we are not being made “more safe” by the policies of President Bush. And with such passionate issues on the table, it is easy to understand how the talk can become vitriolic.

Myself, I am torn. Part of me wants to try to be reasonable, to try to help those who cannot see. And part of me wants to drive them into the sea-so to speak. I think a middle approach might be the best. To reason with those who are merely not aware of the facts, and to get them to vote. And to call out those whose agenda is to apologize for the criminal and incompetent actions of this President and those who support him no matter what. America is approaching a crossroads. We can choose to take a step back toward a more sane foreign policy in the world. We can call for financial responsibility. We can show that the far right has no credibility at all when it comes to facts. We must give out a call to all Americans. Whatever your political stripe, you owe it to your country to educate yourselves on the issues. To seek out real facts and not hype and terror. Then to make an informed decision. I am certain that informed decision making will bring the result all freedom loving Americans hope for.

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