Tampa Bay Rays Get New Stadium: Goodbye to Tropicana Field

Last year the Tampa Bay Rays got a new name change, as they were formerly the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and debuted new blue and white team logo to replace the green and white old logo. This year, no doubt, due to the logo and color changes they will receive new uniforms. In addition to uniform changes, beginning this year with the just-released artist’s rendering, and expected to be completed around the year 2012, the Rays will have a new stadium in St. Petersburg, Florida to replace the existing Tropicana Field.

Stylistically, the new roof could be interpreted as a ray in its typical form, an unpainted image of the Space Shuttle or now defunct Concorde, or some have even said it looks like a sailboat. Personally, I think it looks more like the current Space Shuttle, minus all of the black which is usually present on the “real” one. Like Tropicana Field, this new proposed stadium too sits on the bay and has an adjustable roof.

Currently, the project has a budget of $450 million dollars, but considering the project’s completion is years away, I am sure that inflation by that time, will raise the cost of the overall project. Whether or not this also impacts the Ray’s Spring Training when the new stadium opens is yet to be determined, however, with a large construction cost for a team that does not have one of the largest budget’s in Major League Baseball, some budgetary considerations may or may not have to be made.

At any rate, those that enjoy Tropicana Field still have a few more seasons to do so; while those that do not now can eagerly anticipate its replacement.

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