Teaching Job Sites: An Extensive Overview and Analysis

Even though the demand for good teachers these days is mighty high, it seems that teachers to be are having an extremely difficult time securing a good position. The role of a teacher, though, is so influential in a developing child’s life that the more quality professionals that we employ from the job seeker’s market, the better we can provide for the youth in our society who will be a strong voice of our future. The following is an analysis of as many career specific teaching job sites as one could exhaust from all the major search engines. For any aspiring teachers looking for a job, read this thorough guide and compare the pros and cons of each resource before you search any further. This list should narrow in on the ins and outs of the teaching profession as a profession and help you prevent yourself from wasting unnecessary time searching fruitlessly on random job sites.

Teaching Jobs and Administrative School Positions At Public and Private Institutions


Established in 1997, this site allows teachers to register for free and post their resume for employers to view. They can also opt in to receive alerts every time a job in their area of interest becomes available. According to the site, Google, Yahoo and MSN rated them Number one job search for teaching job sites. If you are looking to work in the K-12 age range, this is a good way to go.

Teacher Jobs, or 1-2-3 You’re Hired!
Toss Up

This site is quite costly to use. It does promise to only charge you the fee if they land you the job but the total cost is $1995. Very hefty, if you ask me. What if you don’t like the job? Furthermore, even though they allow you zero percent interest for the next twelve months on your payment, teachers make crap to begin with, they don’t need this extra burden after already going through the burden of the job seeking process itself. The only good thing about this site is that obviously they are going to work hard to find you a job because that is the only way they get paid. And you know they are going to find quality jobs if they can because you are allowed to go to as many interviews as you want supposedly and there’s only that one time fee if you do take it.

Education’s Premiere Recruiting Service

Very Very Good

This site is great. Partnered with the AACTE, American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, you can register for free as a seeker of teaching, administrative or speech pathology jobs and either employers can find your resume or you can find them. Currently there are 2116 paid subscribers that include school systems and private schools all over the United States. Teachers-Teachers also has an organized application that you can utilize to maintain and track your searches and their progress. The only thing that’s a pain is that they use a universal web application as a default application to send to your desired employer of interest, which means that not only do you have to go through the whole annoying process of filling out your resume information on a foreign form in a new format, but you have to do it really well because you wont have the luxury of spicing up the layout and adjusting the copy fonts and type settings to make yours standout like you did on your resume. Everyone’s will standardly look alike. (Note: Some schools do ask for a separate resume, but these online forms are sent on initial contact).

National Teacher Recruitment Clearinghouse- RNT


This teaching job site is a must-see for teaching job seekers. Not only does it cover a huge amount of internet “ground” but it has delightfully superb intentions. It seems that the goals and missions held by the RNT are precisely the same as the ones that drove me to do this teaching job sites resource comparison list in the first place. Their entire purpose in existing is to promote and maintain quality teachers, to help aspiring teachers get jobs and to help them do the best they can while in their jobs so as to strengthen the youngsters bright minds and stimulate them to reach their highest potential in all areas of life. The RNT site has a lot of good links and resources, but most importantly, a simple one click search of their internal aggregated search engine will gather a listing for you of all the appropriate job listings in your realm of interest based on the quick two second (ingenious) scouring of 900 job websites. You can be very specific in your search as an extra bonus.

AEN- Academic Employment Network

Not Great, But Free (And on Second thought, definitely visit)

This website resource is not really the best of them but it is free to search and to sign up, so in the midst of your job searching deeds, it is worth at least a quick glance. It is very easy to navigate, simply go to job listings, choose your state and search, so you can’t really waste much time getting caught up trying to discern the website specific format as is the case with many pages these days. One thing that can be said about this site though is that despite its lack of extensive info, the effort they made to create a fantastic, useful resource is more than apparent. If I had to describe this website like a person I’d describe a kindred spirit that would do anything for others with no strings attached but he or she would be very shy. Almost bashful, is the word I’m looking for. Yes, bashful. This site has enormous potential. For instance, it has a separate page to show off the awards it has won and all of the unknown award grantors are boasted in icons for all to see, showing an innocent pride for what apparently was hard work. After deducting this far, I now say, without a doubt, explore this site for all you can, just for the kindness of supporting a worthy contributor to your own unemployed teacher job seeking cause.

Teachers.net Job Center

Yes, With Specifics.

This website, much like the Academic Employment Network is good and free but not exactly thorough or extensive in its job searching range. And unlike the AEN, it does not have a cozy feel. In fact, it is just the opposite; this site screams financial concerns and it is obvious that the goal of the website owners at this time is primarily to bring in the dough because the site is overloaded (almost distractingly) with advertisements. However, there is one key feature that makes it worth a check in every once in awhile and that is the JobTalk Forum. This is a guaranteed, direct way to conversate with other people frantically searching for teaching jobs just as you are and we all know how far networking goes. I definitely suggest checking out this site, if only just the jobtalk board as another means to find job leads or simply, to make some like minded friends in the same boat.

Teachers At Work


Same thing goes with this site- not tons of info but worth a once over from time to time. You can post a resume for free and search for free. The only thing with this site is that the navigation is a little irritating, for most pages do not link back to the home page and a lot of scrolling is involved. But decent.

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