Text Messaging Brings Out a New Lingo!

Text messaging is extremely fashionable that it has become something like a sub-culture. Texters are people who use text messaging a LOT and they have their own “language”. For instance, because it is easier to text shorter words, “How are you” to a texter goes is shortened tp “How R U? “. Once I got a message that said , “U der?” which meant “Are you there?”. There was also the cryptic message I got that asked. “Wer u?” which really means . “Where are you?”. Of course there is the usual , “I luv u” or “C u @ 9pm”.

It’s the new language! During the internet chat craze, there was LOL (laughing out Loud), LMAO (Laughing my ass off), WEG (wicked evil grin) and an assortment of “chat acronyms” that only internet chatters understood. The same thing is happening today with texters who rely on text messaging to get their messages across. There’s a new linggo! It is shorter, easier, a lot more direct except that you sometimes have to decipher the meaning of the message.

Shorter spellings are In for texters. So is the use of letters instead of words plus other “text terms” such as “I tink u r g8” (I think you are great). “C u 2nite” (See you tonight) “Pls kol” (please call) “Wat tym?” (what time?) “need $$$” (need money) “rite me” (write me), “C u latr” (see you later).

Texters sometimes do not use a, e, i, o, u. Thus, “kater” becomes latr as in “c u latr”. Another case in point is ” pls txt bck” )PLease text back). It’s a whole new language to learn – and yes – it can be annoying at first, but it can also be extremely fun trying to decipher and LEARN text linggo. Even the word “text” can be shortened to “txt”. Anyway the rule of thumb in the text “world” is the shorter the better because shorter words would FIT into your LCD or the screen of your cell phone. Also, longer messages can be send using shorter words so a four liner phone can actually send out a long paragraph by using the short text linggo.

G8 isnt t? Txt msgng is here 2 stay!

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