Thanksgiving: 3 Great Breakfast Options

Aside from Christmas, Thanksgiving, with all the hype of starting the holiday season off right, is probably the busiest cooking day in most American kitchens. Whether you’re cooking for 5 or 50, the process is grueling. So it’s no wonder that most families are treated to quick, easy breakfasts that can be put together with relative ease and in very little time.

In my house, with three very active girls, all under age 8, I need finger foods that will satisfy their hunger, and mainly keep them clear of the kitchen, while I’m cooking. And since none of my girls ever want to eat the same thing for breakfast, I came up with three household favorites that are easy to make and sure to please.

1. Breakfast burritos
– these little protein packed handhelds are a tasty option for children and adults. Pre-cut the vegetables the night before, and the morning of Thanksgiving, you can easily mix together the scrambled eggs and sausage-or keep it separate if you’re family prefers-to round out a healthy and complete breakfast option.

2. Homemade muffins
-These easy to prepare breakfast treats, are a great choice for busy days like Thanksgiving. Coming in a variety of flavorful options like: blueberry, mixed berry, chocolate chip, zucchini, banana nut or carrot, these are sure to be a big hit with your whole family. They are always ready to devour, and will satisfy even the most stubborn eater in your house.

3. Fruit salad/ fruit smoothie
-Fruit salad is a delicious and nutritious way to start your morning. Light, and easy to digest, it won’t weigh you down while you’re preparing your big meal. Easily prepared the night-or even the day-before Thanksgiving, it can sit in the refrigerator ready for you to dish up a bowl. And with all the fruit pre-prepared, you can add it easily to a protein packed smoothie and drink your breakfast while you cook.

Whether you’re a family on the go, scurrying to get out of the house on time to meet extended relations, or you’re the host for Thanksgiving, anxiously trying to get everything prepared. These great breakfast options are great for any occasion. Especially for busy days like Thanksgiving, these go-to choices will please your family’s palate, satisfy their hunger and save you stress and time. So grab one, and enjoy both breakfast and the memories you’ll make this holiday season! Happy Thanksgiving!

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