Women and Wine

More and more women seem to be enjoying the many varieties of wine. Most women will have a sip of wine while the kids are napping as a way to help them relax. Wine is best enjoyed, if you understand where it came from and what year it is. Many women find the whole wine-making process to be very interesting. The first fresh juice, that flows from the broken skins of the grapes, when kept separate from the greater volume of juice extracted under pressure, makes the richest and best wines. Fermentation actually begins within six hours after the crushing of the grapes.

This is while the juice is still in the vats, and slowly progresses for a period of several months. The alcohol content of the natural wines varies from 8 to 16 percent by volume. But this can be increased by adding alcoholic spirits at a later time. If the grapes are low in sugar content, and fermentation continues for too long of a time, or if the wine is not properly protected from oxidizing, it turns to acetic acid or vinegar. Some women can care less about these facts, but there are many who find it to be very interesting.

There are two general categories of wine, dry and sweet. A dry wine is produced by allowing the fermentation process to convert most of the grape sugar into alchol. The sweet wines result when the fermentation process is stopped while a noticeable amount of grape sugar still remains. Another very interesting fact is that white wines are commonly produced from white grapes, however red grapes can also be used if the juice is quickly separated from the skin. Most women base the type of wine they choose by what meal they will be eating or serving. A dry table wine for example is considered to go best with the main food course.

Some women feel that there are many health benefits to drinking wine. It has been shown that wine can help to prevent heart disease and help to improve circulation. Since most women are very concerned about their health at any age. They see wine as a healthy outlet, when compared to beer and other alcoholic beverages. Many doctors have also stated that wine can help to prevent ovarian cancer, and improve a women’s bone health. Even though wine may have many health benefits you will still want to make sure that you do not over do it. Make sure that you are not drinking a whole bottle of wine all by yourself, but drink in moderation. But there is certainly nothing wrong with an afternoon glass of wine with your lunch.

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