Thanksgiving Dinner Restaurants in Springfield, Massachusetts and Nearby 2013

If you are planning to be in the Pioneer Valley for the Thanksgiving Holiday, here is a list of restaurants and catering halls offering a bountiful Thanksgiving Dinner for the 2013 holiday.

Delaney House/Log Cabin
413 535-5077

For so many years the wonderful staff of the Delaney House and Log Cabin have been catering to the locals and tourists alike on Thanksgiving. This year, as in years past, the staff present a sumptuous buffet menu which highlights several seasonal favorites to include: Pumpkin Bisque or Tortellini Soup for starters as well as a raw bar with Shrimp and freshly shucked Oysters.

At the Carving Station you will find Oven Roasted Turkey, Honey Baked Virginia Ham as well as Roast SIrloin of Beef and Roast Lamb. On the Buffet you can find many traditional offerings including a Baked Scrod and a wonderful New England style Pot Roast. The “sides” are too numerous to mention but a generous Viennese Table features a host of holiday desserts (if you are not too stuffed to partake). Call now to make a reservation as this venue sells out quickly.

Adults 29 per person
Children 16 per person

These are outstanding values for the “all you can possibly stuff yourself with dinner” and Valet Parking is available. Enjoy yourselves. This dinner offering has been a local favorite for years.

If you are visiting Springfield and/or Western Massachusetts, it is always a good idea to take a trip and a stroll through lovely Northampton. On Thanksgiving Day, the Hotel Northampton, one of the oldest hotels in New England offers a sumptuous Thanksgiving feast.

The Hotel Northampton
413 584-3100

I enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Hotel Northampton just two weeks ago. The talented and forward thinking culinary and hotel staff thought to add many vegan entrees to welcome the non carnivores of us who visit but also the standard fare remains far above par for similar establishments in this part of Massachusetts. If you dine at the Hotel Northampton you will be treated to the best of local culinary talent as well as the most welcoming of “front house staff”. I strongly recommend you make your reservation early for Thanksgiving dinner as this venue is a sure sell out.

Serving Thanksgiving Dinner from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm, this menu features perennial favorites with the likes of a Roasted Turkey with sausage and cornbread stuffing, Prime Rib Au Jus roasted to perfection and Maple Slow Roasted Ham. The sides are numerous and you have your pick of numerous pies and cheesecakes for dessert and one specialty I very much would like to try the “Wild Berry Whiskey Bread Pudding”. You know I have to make a quick visit to sample this. Get your reservations in now as seating is limited and this is the best deal for the best Thanksgiving dinner in the area on offer. The ambience and the staff are par excellence.
Adults 32.00
Children 18.00

My sentimental favorite on this year’s list is the historic but not aging Storrowton Tavern just over the Memorial Bridge from my hometown, Springfield.

Storrowtown Taven
413 732-4188

If you are looking for a classic New England setting for your holiday dinner you cannot miss with the Storrowton Tavern in West Springfield. For 45 years the Calvanese family has been doing what they do best and that is to provide quality dining in an authentic New England setting to locals and tourists alike. You are very much in luck if you decide to dine there for this Thanksgiving holiday as in years past they offer a bountiful Thanksgiving feast in an authentic historic New England setting.

On the menu this year are Roasted Turkey, Baked New England Style Scrod, Filet Mignon with Bearnaise, Yankee Pot Roast, Roast Pork, Roast Duck a L’Orange, Prime Rib au Jus and Virginia Baked Ham.

The Calvanese family offers numerous sides and too many desserts to list. If you are looking for an authentic and bountiful Thanksgiving feast, this is your spot. Call soon as reservations close quickly and enjoy!

Adults 24.95
Children 12.95

Next up, one of my favorite restaurants right in downtown Springfield and it is a great “dine out” be it Thanksgiving or any other day of the year.

Now if what you are really looking for is a “Springfield” institution and a restaurant with not only great service, great food but a sure Springfield pedigree you should head to the Student Prince.

The Student Prince Cafe and Fort Dining Room
413 739-7303

I am not entirely sure how the “Phantom Gourmet” misses this venerable downtown Springfield institution every time but for some reason it gets missed and it should not. This excellent restaurant serves up great food all year round but come the holidays The Student Prince and Fort outdo themselves with traditional New England and European fare guarenteed to make your taste buds sing. This year they serve from 12:00 to 5:30 and along with traditional Roast Turkey you can find Wiener Schnitzel, Baked Stuffed Shrimp and Baked Scrod. My personal favorite (and I wait all year long for it) is traditional New England Baked Indian Pudding. The ambience is old time Europe meets downtown Springfield, the service is professional, courteous and friendly and the prices are right on par with the other recommendations here. Go there and eat because it is a Springfield institution and the food is great and the expereince is divine and you should not miss this spot. Shame on you Phantom Gourmet!

Now we head out of town to my favorite restaurant in all of Western Massachusetts. As a picky former NYC dweller I admit I have some demanding tastes indeed but The Farm Table in Bernardston has taught me a thing or two or three about culinary delights.

The Farm Table
413 648-5200

So my friends turned me onto this wonderful “chestnut” a short drive north from our native Springfield because not only am I a vegan but I am also a gluten free diner and few fine restaurants can accomodate my demanding requests for a “picky” palate. Kringle’s Farm Table is able to indulge me and will thrill you as well with a carefully thought out Thainksgiving menu that combines the best of Holiday traditions with fare for the “foodies with the gluteys” free dining. The Farm Table will serve a succulent Thanksgiving Feast from 11:30 am to 6:00 pm. On the Menu are chilled seafood appetizers and a delightful entree of Penne with Roasted Tomato Basil Cream (for our Vegan friends). You can enjoy Roasted Tom Turkey that has been Cider Brined with freshly made Cranberry Chutney or Freshly Poached Salmon in a Beurre Blanc. Finish off with a selection of homemade pies or Pumpkin Cheesecake or even the impossible Gluten Free Apple Crisp. The service is on par with NYC restaurants and the back of the house shines. Reserve early as this is the gem of Western Massachusetts Dining Spots each and every day but especially on this traditional holiday.

Adults $49.00
Children $20.00

Coming up a local “culinary hot spot” that does it right and will delight.

I am very pleased to include the Munich Haus in downtown Chicopee, MA on this years menu for Thanksgiving.

The Munich Haus
413 594-8788

The Munich Haus is a year round great dining establishment for traditional European fare but at Thanksgiving time they go “all American” and still European on us and offer such great items that I included them on this year’s list. That and of course that they have a “To Go Turkey Dinner” elevating them to the status of all time most organized restaurants. The Munich Haus is a Chicopee institution offering up the finest in European fare with a slant toward foods of Germany. You can get the best Schnitzel this side of Koblenz and the best Ales, well anywhere but this year for Thanksgiving you can also get the traditional feast from soup to nuts including both Buffet and A la Carte menus and you can choose from Freshly Roasted Turkey, Baked Virginia Ham, or Braised Leg of Lamb. You get all the traditional sides and for dessert the Munich Haus presents a Viennese Table heaping with desserts and it all comes for the ridiculously low price of 21.95 for each adult. Take out is cheaper and you can get your Turkey beautifully prepared with all the the trimmings including the mashed and the cranberry and the pies. Call them soon to reserve your in house or to go dining spot. The Munich Haus is a Western Massachusetts treasure and you will not be disappointed no which option you choose.

Coming Up I save the best for last……………

Now our final choice for 2013 is not a restaurant where you can make a reservation or you can dine, but you certainly need to know about it.

A Touch of Garlic
413 736-7868

Now this wonderful Italian restaurant serves up the best Italian food in all of Springfield (and I am Italian and not only do I live but work in the South End and nothing beats this restaurant). Here is the thing though, owners Joe and Kara Rescia could easily stay home and have a nice turkey dinner with family and friends on this “non Italian” holiday but for 16 years they have opened their doors to those without family or friends and they do what they do best and that is “feed”. If you cannot get down to Joe and Kara’s wonderful restaurant on this holiday, no problem because they also deliver more than 160 free meals around Hampden County. The dinner is fine traditional fare of Roast Turkey with all the trimmings and for dessert thousands of donated cookies. I put A Touch of Garlic on the top of my Springfield’s finest Thanksgiving restaurants because the Rescias remind all of the rest of us what today is really about. Please dine at A Touch of Garlic all the rest of the year and know you are getting the finest Italian food in all of Springfield from the finest family here. I do not know about you but for me, a full heart is sometimes so much better than a full tummy. Thank you for Joe and Kara and all the Rescia family. You embody the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

A Touch of Garlic of is my top Thanksgiving restaurant in Western Massachusetts this year and every year. Go on over and have a wonderful meal with these wonderful people and tell them I sent you.

Bless one and all this Thanksgiving holiday.

This content was based upon a free review copy the Contributor received.

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