Christmas Crafts for Kids

A couple of my friends and I were coffee clutching the other day. We began a discussion on who’s holiday craft ideas. This turned into a great way for me to decide on a few new craft ideas for Christmas which were new to me and the kids. I’ve done a number of homemade Christmas ornaments over these last 20 years, but I think my recent mom’s pow-wow just provided more new material on Christmas crafts for kids .

Snowmen Cupcakes

I’ve decided to make these with my youngest 3 kids, and then insert them into cupcakes for my 2nd grade son’s holiday party. Starting with the supplies, gather a bag of mini marshmallows, a couple red or brown small tubes of decorative frosting to draw the details of your snowmen with, toothpicks, and some red and green fruit leather.

First, poke 3 mini marshmallows in a row onto each toothpick to create the snowman’s body. Next, using the frosting tubes, create the eyes, nose, and mouths of the snowmen. For the scarves, use some scissors to cut a thin piece of fruit leather to tie around your snowman’s neck. Use these to decorate a batch of cupcakes for the holidays.

Holiday Cones

These will look spectacular on your tree this year. You’ll need some double sided tape, a Ã?¼ inch plastic ornament ball, , glue and white yarn. Begin by wrapping the ornament with your double sided tape. Next, wind your yarn around the double sided tape and tape the yarn’s end on the bottom of the ball. You can add some glitter to this by drizzling a thin line of glue, then sprinkling your glitter of choice over the top. To set this you can spray with a hairspray like white rain aerosol or something similar. Add a loop of yarn to use for hanging.

Dandy Peppermint Candy

Supplies will include a 3 inch wooden disk, red tissue paper, red and white yarn, and twine. Begin by wrapping the red tissue paper around the entire disk. Then twisting the two ends to create the wrapper ends of your candy. Next, apply a thin line of glue to the top surface of the wrapped disk. Then, alternating your white and red yarn, create a spiral pattern of each color for your peppermint candy look. You can add decorative ribbon to tie around the twisted ends for an added touch. Use some twine for hanging.

Source : Myself and my friends.

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