How to Have a Healthy Turkey Day

Hours of preparation are put into Thanksgiving dinner and at the end of the day your belt is a few notches bigger and you fall asleep on the couch during football. It doesn’t have to be this way though, you don’t have to wake up the next morning and feel disappointed in yourself, like I usually do. Here are some suggestions for a healthier Thanksgiving.

Wake up early and go for a jog, especially if you don’t usually do it. This will burn off some excess calories and make you feel super accomplished for doing this on this food crazed day. In addition to being the only person on your block to do this you will also be a lot more hungry for the upcoming meal that everyone looks forward too.

When it comes to dinner you don’t have to do radical changes to make it healthier. For example, put out a couple bowls of olive oil instead of butter for the rolls. Olive oil has no cholesterol while butter can have up to 215 mg. Serving a salad of fresh greens can also improve the nutritional value of the meal as well as provide a colorful appetizer before the turkey.

Of course substituting the calorie and sugar packed soda’s usually drank at Thanksgiving dinner, try putting a pitcher of water on the fridge for a few hours before the meal. Slice up a cumber or a lemon and let it soak in the water while it cools for a unique taste. Of course a non sweetened pitcher of ice tea would also do just as well.

Another tip is to replace the fattening pies with fresh fruit, sliced up and served with a dollop of cream. Trust me, it is more satisfying than any pie could ever be.

Finally, after dinner and desert let your food settle for an hour or so but not much more. Get outside and throw the football around or go for another jog even. No matter how healthy you make your meal you will still most likely have over eaten and a little physical activity won’t hurt.

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