Celebrating the Christmas Season

Does Christmas come too early? As a child that grew up in the 80’s it was rare to discuss Christmas before the family came together for our Thanksgiving feast. Typically, this dinner would mark the start of the holiday chatter. I remember the feeling of excitement that would come over us as we began to discuss Santa and what we wanted for Christmas. As the month of December rolled in, we would begin decorating our house, baking delicious desserts, and shopping for presents. The local mall was the place to visit Santa with your wish list. Radio stations occasionally played Christmas songs, but for the most part, they saved this music for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. As a child, we waited in anticipation for the one time showing of Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I remember thinking that December was the longest month of my life and that Christmas would never arrive. The anticipation was overwhelming, but it made this time of year so very special and lots of fun. We wished the holiday would never end.

As the mother of a child growing up in the 21st century I see firsthand how much things have changed when it comes to celebrating the Christmas holiday. It appears that we have gone from celebrating the Christmas holiday, to celebrating the holiday season. Gone are the days of waiting until Thanksgiving to plan for Christmas. Halloween has barely past before the Christmas candy replaces the candy corn. Santa’s visit to the mall comes earlier and earlier. Radio stations no longer play the occasional Christmas song, but now dedicate an entire month to playing nonstop Christmas music. In addition, those Christmas shows we waited desperately to watch play repeatedly from November through December. My son gets to enjoy an entire season of Christmas, versus a few short weeks.

To some this lengthy celebration of Christmas may seem too long and appears as an excuse to make an extra buck. However, for some who have enjoyed Christmas as much as me, like the idea of taking more time to enjoy the holiday. We find joy in decorating the house, making the food, listening to the music and watching the shows. It brings a sense of peace to most, which is very much needed these days. The extra shopping days and sales are just an added bonus.

Therefore, in answer to the question does Christmas come too early? For me personally no, the holiday now reflects the holiday season, and as we all know a season last for 13 weeks.

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