Thanksgiving Poem: All that We Have

A splash of color,

orange, brown, beige, and red

and cozy decor,

mountains of lit candles, bowls of fresh picked blossoms,

and translucent china wares

dominated the dining room table.

I watched

as piles of food,

a plump, stuffed turkey, creamy mashed potatoes, sour sweet cranberry sauce,

and chocolate-brown gravy

appeared out of thin air,

thanks to my mother’s deft hands

working swiftly in the kitchen.

Aromas of

husky wood, spicy cinnamon, and toasty fire

filled the air around me,

swallowing me in a mist of goodness

that promised a full stomach,

a content heart.

I waited,

wrapped in thick blankets,

protected from the howling wind outside,

warmed by the grand fire beside me,

for the feast

to start,

for it to be the time to be


for mother earth,

for nature,

for our country,

to give us all that

we have now.

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