The 5 Must Needs to Prepare Your Car for Winter!

It’s that time again winter! This includes all the good holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas but of course with the good comes the bad, dangerous conditions that can happen because of winter! In the next few paragraphs I will give you some of the most useful thing to have with you.

1. Kitty litter

I know it may sound a bit crazy but it is a must to have! Kitty litter helps in those situations where it just seems you can’t get a grip on things, like the road! It also adds weight to a car when in the trunk for rear-wheeled vehicles. To use the kitty litter place a little in the front and back of each tire so you can get traction to get you out of somewhere slippery.

2. Food and water

This is very beneficial if you get stuck or break down somewhere and you have to wait for awhile for help. The best food to bring is peanut butter, the protein and carbs will help you stay warm and give you the proper nutrition to keep you going. Other foods include jerky, granola, and canned ham (spam). Water should be kept in a container that will keep in from freezing and busting, much like what can happen in plastic bottles.

3. Blankets and extra clothes

It is very important to have a warm change of clothes in case you have to get out and change a spare tire or check to see what is wrong. If it is snowing and you’re on the ground the snow can melt, which can make your clothes damp and cold. It is also helpful to keep some blankets just in case of an emergency which you have to spend the night in your car.

4. Road flares and lights

Lights are important in winter especially since visibility can be limited in the winter months. Road flares are important when your car breaks down or you have to put a spare tire on. Flares should be but behind your car in a row of at least 10ft. Flashlights can help you see when working on your car, I recommend head lamps because they are hands frees and can be adjusted and some even come with a red, blinking emergency light. Additionally make sure you have extra batteries in your car in case you might have to stay overnight or one of your flashlights die.

5. Tools

Tools are very essential if you break down or need to fix something. Make sure you atleast have the tools to change a tire, having these at hand will help you to get the spare on quick without staying in the weather for a extended period of time. Also carry an ice scraper to clear your windows of snow and debris so you can see better and more clearly. You may also want to consider carrying a shovel and a tow rope in case you get caught up in a snow drift and need to get out quickly.

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