Renting an RV in Dallas, Texas

RV rentals in Dallas, Texas offer travelers an exciting way to tour the Lone Star state. RV rentals in Dallas are a home away from home that can take the worry out of traveling in a group with family or friends. Today’s RV rental has modern amenities such as running water, full bathrooms, wheel chair access, and even dishwashers make RV rental a convenient way to vacation. RVs are perfect to take to the beach, visit family, travel to a sporting event, or to just head out on a spontaneous road trip that requires no pre planning.

There are a few important factors to keep in mind when you are renting an RV. There are two styles of RVs: the cabover style and the bus style. The cabover RV resembles a moving truck with a separate front cab, while the bus style looks like it’s namesake. In general most RV dealers will tell you that the cabover style of RV is more user friendly, especially for first time RV drivers. Cabover RVs are not as tall as the bus style RV, making them less wind resistant. Staying in your lane while driving such a large vehicle is extremely important, you don’t want a gust of wind to blow you into the lane next to you. Cabover style RVs also can sleep more people than the bus style RV. The area located above the front cab is almost always a full queen sized bed, perfect for Mom and Dad. When renting an RV in Dallas be sure to keep in mind the number of people who will be traveling and any special needs your family or fiends may have. Today’s RVs come well equipped and are perfect for individuals with handicaps or the elderly who may not move as easily as they once did. Modern convenience such as full sized ovens, microwaves, and full size refrigerators are also available. With all of these details in mind check out one of these great Dallas RV rental companies.

Complete Auto Repair, Inc. Is a full service RV rental company. They offer their clients both cabover and bus style RVs. Be prepared with your rental requirements and the process will go smoothly. Complete Auto Repair, Inc. offers their clients test runs where you can take multiple RVs out for a spin to see which one handles perfectly for you. Don’t forget, you will be on the road a lot, so you will need to be driving a vehicle that is suited to you. For more information on available RV styles you can visit Complete Auto Repair, Inc. at 1188 North Highway 67, Cedar Hill, Texas, 75104. They can also be reached at (972) 293-3191.

North Dallas RV, Inc. also offers a full line of RV rentals. Peek seasons in this industry are from mid June to mid August. If you are planning to travel during these times you will want to reserve your RV in the early spring to ensure you have a wide selection of models. If you are able to travel in off peek months, you can save as much as 70% off the peek rates. This is a great discount and makes renting an RV even more affordable. North Dallas RV, Inc. is located at 2630 North I-35E, Carrolton, Texas, 75007. They can be reached directly at (972) 323-9063 for more information on their great off peek rental rates.

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