The Ab Lounge

So you’ve seen all those commercials on television that make this look like the easy way to get flat abs fast. This is supposed to be the exercise equipment that you don’t end up just storing in the garage with everything else you’ve bought. The Ab Lounge is supposed to be easy enough for anyone to use. The Jack Knife movement is supposed to work better than a traditional crunch and not be as hard on your neck.

Having a flabby abdominal area has always been a problem for me. Like many others who watched the infomercial, I bought the Ab Lounge. I dreamt of having sexy swimsuit abs in a few weeks by just moving like the people on the infomercial did on the Ab Lounge. The average person was supposed to be able to do this no problem. I can do crunches, but depending on where I do them, it can hurt my neck. So I figured this would be one hundred and something dollars well spent.

When I got my Ab Lounge, I immediately set it up. Tried it out, and wasn’t able to do it like they did on TV right away. Supposedly they just pulled people right off the beach who had never used this before. While I’m definitely not muscular or athletic by any means, I would consider myself at an average fitness level at the very least. I can do 100 crunches without any problems, but I could not do 100 Jack Knife movements on the Ab Lounge. It also would make my neck hurt just trying to do this movement repeatedly.

Eventually, I gave up on the Ab Lounge and it now resides in the attic. I still have my flabby belly. I usually do not buy products from infomercials, but I thought this one looked different from all the rest. Apparently, I was wrong. There was no easy and pain free use of the Ab Lounge for me. I never got my sexy swimsuit abs.

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