How to Exercise With Walking Sticks

The ability to walk with your own strength without any hurdles is one of the biggest blessings any one can have. It is only when one is unable to do so that he or she does understand the importance of this ability.

Walking sticks or walking poles are good support for people who are unable to move without aid. These allow better mobility to the people who otherwise will struggle to move. One can also use the walking sticks for exercising though it will require some hard work and perseverance as it will not come easy.


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    Get the Right Sticks

    There are different kinds of sticks that are available in the market. These are made from different materials and have different shapes. Ideally you are looking for sticks that are not too brittle but are strong and have a shape that will allow you to do more than just walking with them. Those made of carbon fibre may be a good option for this.

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    Starting to use these walking sticks may not be very easy and you will need to practice a great deal. You will have to ensure that you have good arm strength and maintain an upright posture as well. Bending will make it hard for you to walk and to exercise. Try to carry them as well every now and again and walk without their aid. Have someone around to help you just in case.

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    Step Strong

    When walking with the sticks, put your steps firmly down and move forward. You do not need to make long strides if you are walking fast though with a slower walk, longer strides are not a big problem.

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    Add a Spring to Your Step

    With time you can add pace to your walking. Try to have a bit of a bounce in your step and have a little bit of it every now and again.

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    Try Some New Exercises

    Try to do some simple exercises such as stretching and flexing your muscles with the sticks supporting you. This will allow better movement of your body in general and your blood flow will also improve. As you get more comfortable, you will be able to exercise even more with these.

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