The Annual Snake River Game Convention in Idaho Falls

In my day, Monopoly, Scrabble or the game of Life were all the rage but now, warriors, dragons and weapons rule the gaming world. Although some things haven’t changed – some of the new-fangled games still use cards, for example – the method of playing, the turmoil along the way, and the ultimate goal are much different than with games of old.

Every year, in Idaho Falls, a huge gathering of Supremacy, Munchkin, and Yu Gi Oh fans join fans of similar games, to meet, play and challenge each other at a convention in Snake River. Cost is minimal and great prizes are given away throughout the day.

The event is an all-day affair, held indoors, with hundreds of people coming together to form a buzzing group of game and card traders, sellers, and players. Some of the events scheduled include Miniature Painting, Heroclix, Conquest of the Empire, Star Wars Miniatures, Anachronism, Magic the Gathering, Marvel Origins, Duel Masters and Talisman.

Visit the official website to get more info and to print out a pre-registration form. Be aware, though, that if you pay for the event but can’t make it, the fee is non-refundable. On the form, you’ll list your three favorite events. You’ll be scheduled into your very favorite, unless that event is already filled. At that time, you’ll be scheduled into your second, or if filled, your third choice.

T-shirts are available to commemorate the event and you’ll find plenty to do during breaks from the event. Since the games take place in the historic region of the town, there’s plenty to see. And, there are nearby restaurants, parks, malls and restaurants.

The event usually begins early in the day and goes on until late in the evening. The game convention is located at 489 Park Avenue, which is very easy to find. If you are unable to print the online form for pre-registration, contact them by mail at: P.S.G.I. 1701 First St. Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401.

Plan a vacation around the event because there’s lots to see and do in the area. White water rafting, fishing, camping, historical sites, nature – it’s all there in Snake River. Since the gaming event is an annual one, you’ll want to repeat this vacation over and over.

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