The Benefits of a Backyard Pond

Are you thinking about putting a pond in your backyard? Small, ornamental ponds that host plants, Dragonflies, and colorful Butterflies can add a decorative touch. But the type of pond I’m referring to is a real pond that’s dug deep into the earth. There are many benefits of a backyard pond that can be stocked and cultivated. For example, if a pond is large enough, it can be stocked with fish such as Catfish, Bluegills, Crappies, et cetera. Once the fish are grown, you can catch them and eat them. Another idea is to raise Koi fish and other smaller types of fish. You can then sell them to people who want to stock their own
smaller ponds. Or, talk to the local pet shop and maybe you can strike up a deal to supply them with certain varieties of fish.

If your backyard pond is located far enough away from your house, and you can get your area zoned for business, you may think about opening your pond up to the public. People will pay to fish at a pond if it’s stocked with plenty of large fish they want to reel in. However, if you choose this route, you’ll need to closely manage your pond. For example, overpopulation stunts the growth of some fish. You’ll also need to keep the area around your backyard pond mowed down and clear of poison ivy, et cetera. If you have snakes living in your pond, you’ll need to eradicate them too. Most people don’t like the idea of seeing snakes in the same water they’re fishing in!

Your backyard pond can offer other monetary benefits as well. If you live in a rural area where water needs to be brought in a pumper truck in case of fire, your pond can provide water in case of such an emergency. You may even be eligible for a reduction on your homeowner’s insurance rates if your pond is accessible by fire fighting personnel.

Naturally, if you raise cattle, chickens, or other types of livestock, a backyard pond can give your animals a place to drink and cool off in the summer months. If you want to use your pond for another use or two, you can always fence it off so your livestock can’t get into it.

The benefits of a backyard pond certainly don’t end there. You can also use this water source to provide needed water for your flower and vegetable gardens. A pond can provide water for fruit orchards and fields full of crops too. Having a pond nearby can be especially helpful if your area is experiencing a drought.

Probably the best benefit of a backyard pond is to use it as a source of recreation for you and your family and friends. What better way to cool off on a sweltering summer’s day than to take a dip in your backyard pond? You can even add a sandy beach around the diameter of your pond to make it more appealing.

Overall, there are several benefits of a backyard pond. The problem is, deciding which one you want to use!

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