The Benefits of an Infrared Heater

Many people do not know that infrared heaters are even a choice that they have. When I told my friend to buy an infrared heater they thought that it was something that only scientist use. I bought my mother an infrared heater and she loved it.

An infrared heater has many benefits. One of the biggest benefits is the amount of energy it uses. It uses a substantially lesser amount of energy than a conventional heater. If you have seen one then you would know why. Most conventional space heaters have several rods that head up when you turn it on. They use a fan to blow the heat into the room. An infrared heater uses a completely different setup. There is only one wire that heats up, and there is no fan that blows air.

Then how does it work? The hot coil is wrapped into a circle so all of the heat can be transferred evenly. The heat is reflected by a special polished metal. The reflected heat can be felts several yards in front of the heater itself. It is similar to the way a child would use a magnifying glass to harness the heating power of the sun to prey on insects. This setup removes the need for the fan. This allows the infrared heater to easily be a green appliance for your home.

According to Wikipedia, the reflective metal transfers almost 100 percent of the heat created. This means that it works much more efficiently than most conventional heater. A conventional heater just blows hot air that is created from several rods that are usually heated by sometimes using over 2000 watts of electricity. Many infrared heaters can operate on as low as 300 watts of electricity. On a more realistic scale however, 800 watts can provide more than enough heating for a room. It is also a lot safer. The core of an infrared heater does not reach the extremely high temperatures of convention heaters. This means that if a child gets near it then the child would not be at as much of a risk since the heat of the core is not much hotter than the heat it projects.

Because of its simple design, they usually do not weight much. Instead of lighting a fire place you could just plug up an infrared heater and save the gas for a better purpose. If you want to use less energy and pay less on your electric bill then I would recommend getting an infrared heater.

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