The Best Acting Lessons in St. Louis

So you’re an actor, you have dreamed your entire life of becoming the next superstar celebrity. You are constantly mistaking the walkways of your schools or works hallways for the majestic red carpet – in which is leading to your big time movie break! But then reality sets in and you realize that you are in St. Louis, Missouri, were there isn’t that much a film community. What is an inspiring actor or actress to do when they find themselves in this particular predicament? Well the answer is quite simple – take advantage of the time you have and TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN!!!! So now that you’ve realized that you must get into some acting lessons, where do you go to find them? Who can you trust in this fickle and often misleading business? Well, I have found one of the best, if not the best, acting coaches in the St. Louis, Missouri greater metropolitan area – and the name of the studio is Carrie Houk Casting.

Yes, I said “Casting.” You might be confused here, but let me shorten your confused state – Carrie Houk is a casting director and an acting coach. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone. In her studio you will learn from her, hands-on, and you will begin to master the skills necessary to succeed in this highly competitive indstury that I lovingly call – The Entertainment Business.

Once you have decided to take lessons from Carrie, you must then decide which ones you are wanting to take. There is a wide selection of extremely pivotal choices the aspiring or seasoned actor/actress can choose from. Throughout these choices there is one thing that they all have in common – the ability and guarantee to make you a better performer and allowing you the confidence to reach your potential.

According to HH Studio’s website they are “committed to providing alternative educational opportunities in the St. Louis community in all facets of theatre and filmmaking, for both beginners and advanced students. Our faculty members are professionals who bring literally centuries of experience to our line-up of classes.” Through their mission statement it is extremely clear that you (the actor) will become the best you could possibly be.

HH Studio offers a 6 week Acting Workshop, in which a student can join at any time. But, in order to take part in this workshop, the actor or actress must first be approved by Carrie Houk herself – this guarantees that only the best actors that show the most potential are in the class. HH Studio also offers private acting lessons, which are an amazing way to receive truly individualized study from Carrie Houk. In these private lessons you will cover things from scene study, character development, theater skills, or even career counseling. HH Studio is committed to providing world-class training for serious actors who want to truly pursue a career with longevity.

Have a child who his wanting to join the acting community? HH Studio offers Youth Acting Classes ranging from The Foundations of Acting which is for students aged 5 through 7 – Price $170.00. Or Introduction to Scene Study which is open for students aged 11 through 14 – Price $185.00. So as you can see, HH Studio has something for any actor of any age range. This truly is where dreams are made a reality – never give up on your dream!!!


HH Studio
2500 Sutton Ave.
Maplewood, MO. 63143
Phone: 314-862-1236

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