The Best Bollywood Sites Online

India’s Bollywood cinema, outsells and out produces Hollywood, but depending on where you live, tracking down the movies and music of India can be difficult. Here are some places you can go online to help you find the Bollywood you are looking for.

Beginers Start Here :

If you are new to the pleasures of Bollywood, is a great place to start. It has several pages of explanations and translations to fill you in Bollywood traditions. It is the home of the “Newcomer’s Guide to Bollywood”, and even includes translated lyrics with vocabulary lists of popular Bollywood songs.


If listening to Bollywood music online is what you are after, check out, it is an easy to navigate site with a lot to offer. You can listen to the top ten here, read some movie reviews, and download screen shots of your favorite Bollywood actors and actresses. Best of all, the site is free ! is another great site with a large selection, where you can build your own music “CD”. It’s free and addictive. The site is easy to navigate and has a very wide selection of Bollywood music as well as other music. Unfortunately, it’s prone to annoying pop-ups and ads, which may make your PC run slow or even crash it.

Lyrics and Translations

If you don’t speak Hindi, and want to know what the lyrics to popular Bollywood songs mean, you have a few other options than the already mentioned has a large number of lyrics including some translations. is larger overall than and more difficult to navigate.

Watching Indian Television is a great site with many channels to offer, in a variety of Indian languages. You can also watch Spiritual television directly from sanskartv . Watching Indian television can be fun, but it is very different than watching movies, while they do speak quite a bit of English on Indian television, there are no English subtitles on the television stations


Trying to decide what to watch?, has a nice collection of Bollywood movie reviews, so does Bollyvista. com. Both sites can be very helpful for those who read less Hindi than desired, and have difficulty making out titles in Hindi.

Buying Movies

It’s a tie. Eros entertainment has a great site where you can buy DVDs as well as watch them “On Demand” for a low monthly fee. Since they are the biggest distributor of Bollywood movies in the world, they have an incredible selection, and can be one stop shopping for all your movie needs. is also great site, you can buy DVD’s for as little as three dollars, as well as watch them online. They also offer a good selection of folktales comics for those times you can’t be in front of your PC. also deserves a mention, if you are patient you can search the auctions and get a great deal on both new and used Bollywood movies. Buying movies in “lots” of 5 or ten, or more can be a great way to buy Bollywood movies, and save money. Be sure you know what you are getting. Video systems around the world are not all the same, and you want to make sure the items you buy will play on your DVD or video player.

As streaming video and file sharing technology become more advanced and cost effective, there will no doubt be a lot more Bollywood sites to choose from. These sites are a great start to fulfilling all your Bollywood needs. From comics to movies to translations, if you can’t get it in your town, you can get it on the internet. Have fun exploring these sites and let Bollywood put a smile on your face and a song on lips !

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