The Best Chicken Dinners in the World

In Frankenmuth Michigan, you can find the best chicken dinners available anywhere in the world. Dinners are available at Zehnder’s Restaurant and the Bavarian Inn year round. The food is appetizing and the atmosphere enjoyable. You can’t beat the superb hospitality that makes these restaurants a world-wide attraction. Frankenmuth is a quaint small size town of about 5,000 residents. It is located in the northeastern part of the state between Flint and Saginaw. Zehnder’s alone serves up nearly a million chicken dinners every year. For many families, the trek to Frankenmuth is a yearly tradition. It is a great destination for a weekday getaway or a weekend stay. Generations of families have delighted in gathering together for a great chicken dinner complete with all the fixings.

The tradition began 150 years ago. Back then, Zehnder’s was called the Exchange Hotel. Through the latter 1800’s, the Exchange Hotel became known for its excellent meals at a fair price. A weary traveler could buy supper, breakfast, and a place to stay for about 75 cents. That included provisions for his horse as well. It opened as the Zehnder Hotel in 1928, when on Mother’s Day 312 chicken dinners were served to guests. Meanwhile, the Bavarian Inn got its start as the Union House Hotel in 1888. Later, the hotel came to be known as the Fischer Hotel. Throughout the early 1900’s, Frankenmuth became known for it’s “all-you-can-eat family style dinners.” Eventually, in 1950 the Zehnder family bought the Fischer Hotel and over time turn it was turned into the Bavarian Inn.

The popularity of both restaurants continues to grow. Between them both, they employ almost 1,200 people full and part time. Many additions have been added to the restaurants over the last half century. You can find bakeries and gift shops at both restaurants. Nearby there are chocolate shops, doll and toy shops, and even a beer and wine cellar. Pleasant hotel accommodations are available and dinner shows and other events at the Bavarian Inn. Both Zehnder’s and the Bavarian Inn offer banquet room facilities and can even be rented for wedding receptions. Other village attractions include the Glockenspiel Tower, Splash Village, The Fortress Golf Course, River Place, and numerous other shops. There is also a brewery, riverboat tours, carriage rides and the famous covered bridge. After walking along main street and visiting the various attractions, you’ll be ready to sit down to a splendid mouth-watering chicken dinner.

Each restaurant offers a variety of menus and specials. If chicken isn’t your thing, you can get many other types of dinners. Chicken dinner plates include specially seasoned, lightly breaded chicken in dark and white meat. Surrounded by creamy mashed potatoes covered with delectable gravy, flavorful baked stuffing, and hot steaming vegetables. Add in noodle soup, white breads, specialty stollen fruit and nut bread, creamy coleslaw, and homemade ice cream for dessert. Be sure to bring your appetite! Don’t forget, you can get these dinners in the all-you-can-eat style. The prices are reasonable and the surroundings are inviting. The old-country style prevalent throughout Frankenmuth, adds charm and warmth to a marvelous sit-down eating experience. With family or friends it makes for a memorable adventure.

The village of Frankenmuth is probably more widely known for its famous Christmas store, Bronner’s. This is the world’s largest Christmas store and what better way to end a busy shopping day than with a warm, tantalizing chicken dinner. My favorite time of the year to visit Frakenmuth is in the fall. The cool crispness of an October day with a bright blue sky overhead only adds to the whole experience. You can’t beat the homeyness of a small town. Visiting Frankenmuth is a special treat any time of the year. If you are looking for a great place to get way from the “modern” world, consider putting Frankenmuth at the top of your list!

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