5 Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Roommate

Some roommates can be fun. Other roommates can drive you nuts due to loud music playing all throughout the night when you have to go to work the next morning. It is important to try to find the perfect roommate. When you find the perfect roommate then everything works out smoothly. Here are 5 tips to help you choose the perfect roommate.

1.Get a roommate that is like you. If you are sloppy then make sure to get a sloppy roommate. If you are a clean freak then make sure to get a clean freak roommate. If you get a roommate that is sloppy or clean just like you then you two will get along great. Nobody will complain about either each other not picking up clothes or cleaning the house too much.

2.Make sure your roommate has a good job. Make sure that your roommate has a job. Don’t get a roommate that goes from job to job because the chances of them not paying rent is pretty high. Don’t get a roommate that is currently unemployed or is just in between jobs at the moment unless he or she has a good reason for it.

3.Make sure your roommate doesn’t do illegal drugs. Make sure that you don’t allow someone to move in with you that does any illegal drugs or that sells illegal drugs. You don’t want to get into any trouble due to the actions of your roommate. If they have nine bottles of prescription drugs then be concerned too.

4.Get a quiet roommate or one that likes to party. Whichever your style is then make sure to get one just like you. If you are a quiet person that doesn’t like to party then get a book worm roommate. If you love to have parties every friday night then get you a roommate that likes to party. You two will get along great!

5.Do a background check and reference checks. Do a background check and reference check on all your roommates. Make sure that don’t have a criminal background. Do reference checks to learn more information about the person. Ask the references how he or she knows the person and where they met. Do a double check on the references to make sure that they aren’t fake.

Before your roommate moves in then make an agreement how much both of you are going to pay each month towards the rent and everything else. Make sure that you have a time set at night time that both of you agree on being quiet so the other can get some sleep without having to listen to blasting music. If you two work opposite shifts then make sure that you have some rules so you don’t have friends over at the house too late or something. Make sure that your roommate pays the firsts month rent before moving in. Make sure to have an lease agreement with your roommate. Good Luck!

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