Open Fan Letter to Keith Olbermann From a Non-Fan of Ann Coulter and Her Clique

Dear Keith,

Now that you are actively going after Ann Coulter, I wonder, Have I died and gone to heaven? Oh, I forgot, all the spots are taken by God’s cheerleaders who seem to need daily affirmation that they are on the fast track to the gold paved streets off yonder. Good for them. Go, please, and God speed. Nothing could make me happier than waking up tomorrow and finding that the Red Staters have been scooped up as promised (promised by them). The ultimate irony, of course, would be to see the Blue Staters raptured into God’s bosom and the Reds left behind. Even so, I’m sure Coulter would find a way to spin it. Her next book? “God, the Traitor.” Humbly I submit that we’re here on earth for the duration, or at least should be planning as such. The Lord put us here; seems cowardly to insist that He come back and take us to heaven because we’ve mucked things up so badly here. That “we” includes all of us, whether Ms. Coulter believes it or not.

Years ago a favorite teacher who was also a Big Ten debate champion at Northwestern, cautioned me about the use of sarcasm in intelligent discourse. Said she, “Sarcasm is the cheapest form of communication.” In the face of the constant sarcastic assault from the right on TV, on radio, and in print, I’m thrilled to have your show. The other bright voices we have are the satirists like John Stewart, Bill Maher, and folks on SNL. No wonder people think Dems wear tin foil hats – the sole non-offensive talk radio we can find on the dial is Coast-to-Coast AM. I mean, have you ever tried to fall asleep listening to Bill O’Reilly? Talk about Night Terrors!

Thanks for your continued good, balanced reporting. You have found your voice and people are enjoying it. I don’t mean to overstate my praise, but your show is a real lifesaver to those of us who are ridiculed for our preference for logic. Faith in God is wonderful. Handling poison snakes is not.

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