The Best Fantasy Baseball Site

For anyone who loves baseball, there are numerous fantasy baseball sites that allow you to be the owner of a team and the General Manager. I have played on had several fantasy baseball teams on several fantasy baseball website and I tell you which ones are the best and the different features each one offers.

By far the best fantasy baseball site I have found is one yahoo. To get to the site go to yahoo and type in “fantasy baseball” this will direct you to the homepage and allows you to register for a team. If you are a novice at fantasy baseball or aren’t actively involved I suggest you choose free fantasy baseball and choose a causal league where managers don’t check their teams that often and it isn’t that competitive. For managers that are actively involved and plan on checking their team every day and making trades, I suggest you choose the feature that is competitive.

In signing up for a team you will need a yahoo ID and password to login every time. You will also need to create a team name and if you’d like, you can pick a day to have a fantasy draft. The fantasy draft feature has 12 teams each with a different owner pick players from any team and draft them. You will have 21 picks to assemble a fantasy roster. I really enjoy this feature because the fantasy draft’s are so much fun. You can pick players from your favorite baseball team, or players who you feel are the best at their position. The draft is like the real thing and if a player like Alex Rodriguez is chosen by one team, no other team can draft him.

If you feel that you don’t want to do a fantasy draft or don’t have the time for it, you can chose a feature called auto draft in which you pre-rank players based on how well you think they are. Then the computer takes everyone’s rankings and assembled the team for each person.

Each team has a variety of players, at least 1 at every position, including starting pitchers and relievers.

Yahoo fantasy baseball also allows you to propose trades to other managers. You can accept another managers proposal, reject it, or make a counter offer. Once a trade has been accepted there will be a 4 day waiting period where if 4 other mangers in the league think the trade is unfair, it will not be passed. This prevents unfair deals from occurring. Another feature allows any baseball player that has not been drafted by a team to go to a free agent pool where any team could pick up a player in they drop or release another player on their roster.

Finally, you can post messages on a board in your league with comments about other teams or trade proposals. If most of the managers in your league are really into their teams as much as you are, then you are bound to have a lot of excitement.

For some people who want to win real prizes for winning their league, they chose to do a money league in yahoo where each manager pays a certain amount of money for their team. The top 3 places get paid as a result for winning. I suggest this option only for people who had consistent success at winning in their free leagues or who follow baseball very closely.

Another popular league is ESPN. ESPN leagues usually cost money to play. If you are a novice I don’t recommend that you use this site. However for experienced fantasy baseball people this is a great site. You get up to date stats, features and news about each players, profiles, last years stats, and injury reports about them. This site is a lot of fun because every person constantly checks their team and are hard core players who love baseball.

The last site I want to discuss is Smallworld fantasy baseball. This site is radically different from the other sites because here you are given a salary cap. There is no fantasy draft and you can choose any player that you like. You have to fill 9 baseball positions at least, depending on the league and compete against other managers. For example, Alex Rodriguez could be worth $10,000 to buy while a player of a lesser quality like Frank Thomas might only be worth $1,000. You must make sure that your team is under the salary cap or you will not get points on your team for that player. In smallworld bsaeball you get the option of playing for free or in a money league.

Whichever league you decide to play in, good luck and have fun!

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