The Best Hip Hop Sites on the Web

Where is the best place to read interviews with your favorite rap artist, hear the latest new releases, and find out what the latest beef is in the world of hip hop? The Internet has hundreds of sites dedicated to the hip hop culture. Here is a breakdown of some of the best hip hop sites. is a website where you can find exclusive interviews with today’s top hip hop artist. The site is updated on a daily basis with the latest rumors. Also you can hear new music from artist before it hits stores. You can also find music reviews. The site is pretty easy to navigate and has everything to keep a hip hop head satisfied. just recently celebrated their ten year anniversary. This site is also updated on a daily basis. On this site you can get in depth interviews with some of your favorite artist. The site gives you the latest hip hop news. Also you can check out video and audio clips on the site. The site also has a blog section, where you can read different opinions on the world of hip hop. has interviews and the latest news on hip hop artist. It also has a quite a few commentary pieces. The cool thing about this site is that up and coming artist can upload their rap songs or beats to the site, and have a chance for their music to be heard around the world. is also site where you can get the latest hip hop news and interviews. The site also does music reviews. One of the unique things about this site, is that it has articles that show the connection between hip hop and politics. For those who think they know everything about hip hop, the site even has quizzes to test your hip hop knowledge.,, and are also good sites to check out. Though these sites deal with all kinds of urban entertainment, and not just hip hop. So, the next time you want to know the latest hip hop news, check out one of these sites. You should definitely be able to get your hip hop fix.

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