The Best Italian Restaurant in Seattle

If you’re like me, you’ve found yourself overwhelmed by the sheer volume of restaurants available in Downtown Seattle. Luckily, I can help.

If Italian food makes you exclaim, benissimo! than the Machiavelli Ristorante is the place for you. Located at 1215 Pine St., Seattle, Washington, this quaint little restaurant is right in the heart of downtown. And when I say quaint, I mean quaint. Weighing in at only 13 available tables, this restaurant redefines “hole in the wall.” But, like all avid diners know, these are often the best places, and Machiavelli is no exception.

The food is fantastic. You’ll find all the pastas you could want, many chicken dishes, salads, and of course, warm bread with olive oil for dipping. And once you’ve had their dessert, it’s not easily forgotten. (I recommend the vanilla cheesecakeâÂ?¦) The atmosphere is equally memorable. The second you walk in, you’ll feel you’ve been transported to a little Italian villa. Dimly lit, candle-clad tables, friendly staff, and the aroma of garlic and pesto floating through the air.

But the major bonus of this restaurant? The prices. Everything is VERY reasonably priced. A main pasta dish, which is more than rich enough to fill you up, is about $9. The chicken is more, but still competitive at around $15.

Unfortunately, a diamond like this place isn’t long kept secret. Any night of the week, those 13 tables are jammed full with pleased diners. So how does one get into this intimate Italian eatery? First things first, they don’t accept reservations. Which is bad, because you can’t rely on reservations if you want to go for a special occasion. But this can also be a blessing in disguise, because on any given night, there’s a possibility to get in.

The restaurant hours are Monday through Saturday, 5PM-11PM. The best way to ensure snatching one of these endangered tables is to arrive right at 5PM. If you don’t mind a slightly early dinner, this is the only way to go. When I went with my aunt and cousin, we arrived a little after 5 and were seated right away. No wait. But by 6PM, every table was gone, the bar was packed and there was a line out the door. When dealing with the Machiavelli, be early and be happy!

Added tip: if you pay with cash, there’s a small discount off your bill.

Restaurant Phone Number: (206) 621-7941

Buon appetito!

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