The Best Online Resources for Grocery Coupons

Grocery coupons have taken new and different forms since the age of technology. Now we don’t necessarily have to cut coupons from the Sunday paper to save money at the checkout. Some grocery stores now offer an automatic coupon service where, if there is a coupon available from the manufacturer of a product you’re purchasing, the coupon amount will automatically be deducted from your bill. No matter how or where you get coupons those that use them can save 20%, 50% or more off their grocery tab.

Online is another place where you can find free coupons. One place is called and they offer a service where you can see what coupons are currently available in your area. These coupons are not just for grocery items but for entertainment, dining, services and more. Put your zip code in their search engine and they’ll show you everything they have in your city and surrounding areas. Print the coupon and you’re good to go.

At you can browse dozens of categories for coupons to print and redeem. Some categories include drugstore items, automotive, baby, books and music, clothing, or electronics. The coupon states exactly how much you’ll receive off the original price and the exact product(s) for which the coupon applies.

At Coupon Pages, search by zip code, city or state to find dozens of coupons that you can use at your local stores. Find coupons for reduction prices on portraits, eateries, shoes, travel, and many others. Go to the site the day you’re shopping for the latest they have to offer.

Smart Source is a place where many online bargain hunters go for coupons. Located at the site features grocery store and drugstore product coupons. The great thing about this site is they automatically list all the coupons that are new this week to save you some time and money.

Cool Savings, is another popular site for coupon hunters. Sign up for newsletter updates about new free coupons or go to their site to browse. Some of their categories include automotive, grocery, health and beauty, dining, clothing and baby item coupons.

Some national chains allow you to print coupons directly from their site. Go to the appropriate page at their site and click on the coupon to begin printing. Some of these sites include Pizza Hut, Sally’s Beauty and Keebler. With some of these stores you never know when they’re going to add a new coupon so check at least once a month. Others update coupons weekly, such as Pizza Hut. Type in “free”+ “coupons” + “a store you like” to find national brand coupons in your own area.

City-specific coupons are great for travelers and vacationers. If, for instance, you’re planning a vacation in Las Vegas you can get coupons for your trip by visiting These types of coupon places offer discounts on traveling to Las Vegas, hotels, restaurants, casinos and other area merchants. Try putting “free”+”coupons”+ “the town” to find coupons you can use on your next vacation.

Lots of people who use coupons are willing to trade coupons with others. How it works is the first person sends to the second person, all the coupons which she cannot use. The second person removes the coupons she wants then puts in some she doesn’t need and mails to the third person on the list. These “coupon trains” are the perfect way to get coupons you need and want without having to pay handling fees to get them. One of these places is at Put “BigBigForum” in the search engine, then click on “similar sites” when you get the results. You’ll find lots of forums that have a free coupon train or that will tell you where to find even more coupons. These forums have various categories where you can find online coupons, printable coupons and even “try-me-free” coupons.

There are a few things to remember when using computer-printed coupons. Most places have it set up to where you can’t print duplicates of the same coupon. This prevents people from “cheating” and using three or four coupons towards the same purchase. At the same time, people who actually purchase three or four of that particular item at one time are out of luck when needing a coupon for each purchase.

Don’t try to make duplicates of the coupon by using your home scanner and printer. Someone even slightly suspicious that you may be doing this will call the manager who can, if he chose to, have you arrested for fraud. It’s illegal to duplicate coupons. In addition, the manager can ask that you not shop with them anymore or even refuse to let you ever use coupons at his store again. Coupons printed online usually have a code printed directly on the coupon to prevent dishonest shoppers from reprinting the coupon.

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