Tips on Snagging Unadvertised Discounts

Everyone is looking for a bargain these days. It may be easier than you think to get a better deal. Ask your store clerk some of these questions to see if any bartering can be done.

*Ask the salesperson if the item will go on sale soon. If the answer is yes, see if they will let you have the sale price now.

*See if you can get a discount by buying items in bulk. Retailers want to move as much product as they can and often will take money off multiple items.

*Sometimes when buying big-ticket items, retailers will throw in something extra. For instance, if you’re buying a a laptop computer, try asking for a free carrying case. For jewelry, ask for a free jar of cleaning solution.

*Try using an expired coupon or a competitor’s coupon for the item you are purchasing. Stores will often accept them.

*Put a little drama into it! When salesperson’s tell you the cost of an item, say “Wow! That much?” and act disappointed. They just might respond with a discount.

*If a sales clerk indicates that he or she does not have the authority to drop prices, ask for their manager.

*If there are multiple models of an item you’re buying, ask if you can get one with upgrades and added features for the same

*Ask the sales clerk why their price is so much higher. You may discover that the number quoted includes extras you don’t need or want.

*Most stores will price match. If you can find the item cheaper elsewhere, bring the advertisement and ask!

You may be pleasantly surprised and save a few dollars, and you may not. But asking the questions won’t hurt!

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