A Personal Review on a Side X Side LG Refrigerator

We had just moved into a brand new home and of course brought along our old refrigerator. Now after putting this in its place in our big new kitchen we noticed just how small and ugly it was. So off to our nearest discount appliance store we went to shop for a new refrigerator. Now our only problem was how much to spend (as this ranged from $1100 to $2100) and what type of model we wanted.

When looking to by our new refrigerator we found we had many makes and models to choose from. Do we want the freezer up top, on bottom or maybe a side by side (side x side)? How do we want the inside to look? Do we want the shelves to move by crank or just by pulling them out and adjusting by hand? Then what about the accessories? Do we want a water and ice dispenser or just plain? Well we had many options to select from. Also they come in practically every color of the rainbow, blue, white, almond and stainless. We finally decided on a side x side (I’ve always liked this model and really had my heart set on one). One side x side style we looked at was made by LG. For those of you who have never heard of LG it stands for “Life’s Good” and was once called Goldstar.

The company is based in Korea and has actually been making and exported refrigerators since 1965. Now we had to decide on 1. We now had 14 different models from which to choose. (And they are the first refrigerator to come with a small digital video screen to access the Internet that sets into the door. Did we want this?). Now the first thing you need to do before you make your purchase is to make sure the measurements fit the area that you want to put it in. Also, do not forget to measure the doors in which you will bring it into the house. You can take the refrigerator doors off to bring it in but that is a bit confusing and time consuming so if you can skip this it’s best. We decided on the LRSC 26944TT model. It cost us $1600 (at the store but can differ where you live). It has the ice/water dispenser with a lock button. The Ice comes crushed or whole which can come in 5 different sizes (adjusted with a dial on the ice maker) and comes from a rather large reservoir in the freezer that will shut it’s self off when full. Also on the panel (located outside on the freezer door) included is a temperature adjustment button for both freezer/refrigerator and a button to turn on a little light.

What I also liked was that it has a Jet Freezing/Express button. What does this do? Well in the freezer there is a drawer the you may put an item in and it will chill it twice as fast as the normal freezer will. We have used this wonderfully on a few occasions when we have bought something straight from the shelf and wanted to chill it quickly. The refrigerator also has what they call an Ice Beam Cooling system. This helps the cool air to circulate around the inside by using several air ducts spread around the interior. In addition to this there is also a filter the water flows through that is good for an estimated 300 gallons which lasts about 6 months. Now once we got it home and into the kitchen there were a few things it stated we needed to do before hooking up the refrigerator. As this was a new home and we had not used the water line for the refrigerator before it suggested we flush the water valve that you will be hooking up to the icemaker/water dispenser too. Just a note once this is hooked up to unit it may take up to 24 hrs for your icemaker to begin to make ice (and you should also throw out the first batch as it might have dirt and such from the tubing installed in the lines.). After switching the ON button you should also know that the icemaker will not begin making ice till the temperature in the freezer reaches at least 15 degrees. The icemaker makes 8 cubes at a time averaging 120-150 per day. Again, there is also a lever with in the compartment that will flip up when it’s full. Another thing you will have to do when it’s first installed you will have to adjust the temperature and all the functions. The best temperature to set the freezer at is -2 and 37 for the refrigerator side. These temperatures are best to keep food fresh and frozen the longest. When and if you have to clean up a spill the shelves actually “hold” the spill on them as they have a small lip.

These and the rest of the unit should be cleaned with mild soap and lukewarm water then wiped dry. In the two years we have now had our refrigerator we’ve only had one problem with the whole unit. The icemaker completely stopped one day from making ice. It’s noted that when the electricity goes off for a time the standing water will freeze in the tubes blocking any water from then flowing into the icemaker. We found the best way to handle this is to let the freezer/frig. defrost overnight. The only other “con” we have with it is that if you leave the door/s open for more than 30 seconds the little alarm beeps. Now this is good for when you child stands with the door open as it will make them close it but, when you are trying to load groceries it is a bit annoying and you can’t turn it off. All in all we have been very happy with this make and model.

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