The Best Place to Buy Vintage British Motorcycle Parts in Central Connecticut

Since 1974, riders and enthusiasts of Vintage British motorcycles have come to rely on the professional service and parts inventory of Moore’s Cycle Supply. Located in the Elmwood section of West Hartford, Ct, this fairly small business has grown from a garage- based repair and parts operation, to a well respected physical retail outlet, as well as being one of the leading mail- order suppliers of British motorcycle parts in the Northeast United States.

Since purchasing a 1967 Triumph 650 back in 1980, I have considered Jeff Moore to be the consumate authority on vintage British motorcycles in the central Ct area. Subsequently, after aquiring a 1968 Triumph 650 and more recently, a 1973 Triumph Tiger 750, I go back time and again to the capable, trustworthy service that is the hallmark of doing business at Moore’s Cycle Supply. Whether it be a single whitworth screw or carburetter jet, or a rear tire, or fuel- tank emblems, chances are very good that Moore’s Cycle Supply will have the part You need, when You need it. They carry a full line of component parts for 1963- 1983 Triumph, BSA and Norton motorcycles.The prices charged for parts at Moore’s are very fair and reasonable . I have been to other British parts suppliers, but none compare with the best place to buy British motorcycle parts in central Ct, Moore’s Cycle Supply.

Some of the major product lines available at Moore’s Cycle Supply include Lucas Electrics, Lockheed Brake Parts, Amal Carburetters, Hayne Ingleby Gaskets and Renold chains. Virtually any part or accessory related to vintage Triumph, BSA, or Norton motorcycles can be found at Moore’s Cycle Supply, another factor that makes it the best place to buy vintage British motorcycle parts in central Ct.

Anyone who has ever owned a British motorcycle knows that repairs and maintenance are an ongoing process that comes with owning one. British motorcycles have a terrible reputation when it comes to their electrical systems. Most British bikes are powered by Lucas Electrics, which are known for ‘ shorting- out’ easily. In fact, among vintage British motorcycle afficianados, Lucas is referred to as the ” Prince of Darkness “, because of frequent electrical system shortouts, resulting in no lights. At Moore’s Cycle Supply, You’ll find an assortment of electrical system components ranging from a single fuse, to a complete wiring harness.

If You’re doing a complete engine rebuild, rest assured, that no matter where You are, Moore’s can quickly ship You any part You may need. From pistons and rings to bearings and transmissions, Moore’s Cycle Supply, the best place to buy vintage British motorcycle parts in central Ct, has it all.Speaking of repairs, most vintage British motorcycles use nuts and bolts with a thread that is neither metric nor standard. This type of threading is called ” Whitworth “. These nuts and bolts require separate sets of tools that are specifically made for Whitworth applications. At Moore’s Cycle Supply, they carry full lines of Whitworth tools including Koken Whitworth sockets and Acesa Whitworth wrenches.

Aside from being just somebody who sells You parts, Jeff Moore is a font of knowledge when it comes to the world of vintage British motorcycles. I have found through the years, that he has offered valuable pointers and advice in addition to the zener- diode or front fender I might be buying. Whether it’s a seat or speedometer, (or )clutch or cable, if anybody has it, Moore’s Cycle Supply, the best place to buy vintage British motorcycle parts in central Ct., will. Additionally, they also carry Cycle Shack and Wassell exhaust systems, shocks and springs, Doherty control cables, a full line of Barnett products, Glacier engine bearings, a range of batteries, many fuel- tank emblems and assorted hardware and rubbers. They also sell and quite often recommend Bosch Spark Plugs.

From my experience, a needed- item when taking ownership of a vintage British motorcycle, is a Haynes Repair Manual. At Moore’s Cycle Supply, they have a comprehensive selection of Hayne’s manuals, as well as Factory Service and Parts books. At their clean and professional shop in West Hartford, CT, Moore’s still conducts retail sales, but a primary thrust of their business is now shipping parts worldwide. They now have a website .where You can download their catalogue of parts and prices. Printed copies of their catalogue and price sheet are available for a $4.00 shipping fee. Catalogues are free with a minimum order of $20.00. Any part You may need You can order through the website and recieve your order promptly. They accept VISA, Master Card and Discover cards. The telephone number for Moore’s Cycle Supply, the best place to buy vintage British motorcycle parts in central Ct, is ..(860) 953- 1689. They are located at 49 Custer St, in the Elmwood section of West Hartford, Ct. ( Accessible by exits 41 or 44 off I- 84, to New Britain Ave, to Shield St, to Custer St. Their hours of operation are .. Monday – Friday..12:00 pm – 8:00 pm….Saturdays..2:00 pm – 5:00 pm ( seasonal )….Closed Sundays and Holidays.

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