The Best Places to Buy Pool Spa and Sauna Supplies Online

If you own a pool you know the expense involved in keeping it clean and maintained. Run to your local stores to buy pool supplies and you’ll pay dearly, but when you purchase your supplies online, you can often get great discounts.

One place that has good prices and free shipping, with a minimum purchase, is Water Warehouse. You’ll save about thirty to fifty percent on chlorine, filters, shock and other supplies. The store is huge and has everything you could possibly need for a pool, including replacement parts like liners and pumps. They stock above ground and in-ground maintenance supplies and offer a clearance section where you can find some great deals.

At In The Swim you can get next day delivery on most items. Their spring start-up kit is great for the season’s beginning and they have lots of extra items like floats and toys. And, you won’t just find pool supplies at this store. There’s also a section that discusses pool care tips for your particular type of pool. The store features over 2,500 items, most at below-cost prices, as well as a free catalog.

Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies is slightly smaller than some of the other online stores but they are jam-packed with any pool, spa and sauna supplies you might need. Their shipping is free, there’s no handling fees, and that applies to any size order. Testing supplies, pool and deck repair products, winter covers, and much more can be found at Leslies.

Thermometers, clocks, pool bars, pool games and masks, solar heating systems, skimmers, safety covers – what more could you possibly need for your pool? Pool Supplies has all the traditional items you’ll need to maintain your pool plus non-traditional items, tips for keeping your pool clean and maintained, as well as free shipping with a minimum order.

One very popular online pool site is found at the Pool Center Find chemicals, supplies, toys and covers, as well as replacement parts like filters and heaters, but also lot of pool info. Whether you’re having trouble with a leaky pool, aren’t sure how to store it for the winter, or you just need help setting it up, you’ll find technical support from 9am to 9pm, est, 7 days a week, as well as a live chat where you can further discuss issues or problems. They also have a clearance, frequent specials, year end closeouts and discounts on overstocked items.

Summer fun includes pool fun but pools take maintenance and supplies. No one wants to pay outrageous prices to keep their pool maintained, so check out one of the above-mentioned sites for the best deals on pool supplies.

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