The Best Science Fair Project Ideas Online

Science fair projects are required work for most junior high and high school students, and can be a large part of their science grade for the year. That’s why it’s important to do a worthwhile project that is proven to be successful. Of course, you can always put your own spin on things; you don’t have to copy someone else’s project step-by-step. As a matter of fact, most kids can figure out their own angle on an idea, without copying someone else’s complete project.

One of the best science fair project sites on the net is at The ideas are separated according to elementary, intermediate or senior projects and then into categories such as fuels, air pressure, gears, lenses and other specifics. There are many ideas that are yours for the taking or become a member to have access to even more projects. Short term membership is very inexpensive and will grant you enough time to complete a more complicated project using their guidelines.

A site where you can find up to 500 free science projects is The site is a little annoying since you have to click on first one link and then another and still another to view the entire project but there are some great ideas and explanations on everything from botany to zoology.

At you’ll find science fair project ideas for junior high to high school kids with themes like energy, gardening, the human body, agriculture, and medical wonders. You can also find helpful books, links to other great sites and many other resources.

At Dr. Shawn’s Idea Bank you’ll find a list of ideas for science projects. The purpose is to get the child thinking about the possibilities of particular ideas rather than explaining every little step. And, you can join the site for free then have access to hundreds and hundreds of science project ideas. Find it here:

Ideas for projects and articles on current events in astronomy are at: The site has tons of information but most of it is based in the field of astronomy.

Need science fair supplies? Books? Kits? Find it all at

Projects concerning energy, power, windmills and related ideas are at There’s pictures, lay-out tips, and explanations of how certain things work in our world.

If you need tips on setting up your project to get the most attention and the best grade visit Here you’ll find an explanation of the purpose of science fairs and their projects, along with tips and techniques for impressing the judges.

You’ll find lots of books that are perfect for building this year’s science fair project at or Place specific information in their search engine, such as “biology” or just general searches like “science fairs”.

At you’ll find a wealth of information on how to prepare and present your project. There’s a list to guide you through being confident, preparing your notebook, sample questions the judges may ask, and related issues. After reviewing these lists you’ll have everything you need for an A+ project.

Find tips on what projects to avoid because they’ve been done to death, how to come up with ideas for presenting your project, and more at

Ask an expert’s advice on science fair projects and presentations at

You won’t believe the list of projects at Not only do they give you ideas but they talk you through the steps and give you all the info you need to do the entire project.

Rate other kids’ science fair projects, take fun quizzes about science and learn more about chemistry or urban legends. At they have more great science links, too.

This site will take the pressure off of that science fair project. They feature weird science, exhibits and free ideas for all scientists:

Here’s some great biology project ideas for the taking:

Free online science labs, science fair project ideas, and weird science explanations are all available at

Stuff you can conjure up in your kitchen with things from the cupboard can turn into rather nice science fair projects. Get some ideas on this type of science by going to

You’ll get some fabulous ideas when you visit and get in on the discussion boards about magnets and other science oddities.

Some of the most unique ideas of projects can be found at

Studies of rocks, plants and sounds that can be made into fair projects are at

Science is important in the life of every human and it could be your life-time goal. After building science fair projects a kid can get an idea of whether or not the science aspects of the world interest him enough to make it his career. Get involved in the fun side of science and who knows? You may be the next rocket scientist.

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