How to Teach Children to Love Reading

Reading is considered to be one of the finest activities as it helps people develop and enhance the way which they see the world. It is even more important for children to indulge themselves in reading as they try to explore the different aspects of this world and human life. Unless or until a child enjoys reading, he or she will never be able to make the most out of the activity and will always consider it to be a burden. Follow some important techniques to help you teach your children to love reading and improve their level of interest in books.

Things Required:

– Story books
– Printed versions of your children’s favourite movies


  • 1

    Read with your children

    When your children are very young, it is highly recommended that you read books along with them to ensure that they do not lose focus. However, as they grow a little older, you should look to read with them.

  • 2

    Set the example

    It is natural for children to follow their parents or elder siblings; therefore, if you want your children to love reading, you must set an example yourself. By seeing you taking so much interest in books, your children will be naturally inclined to follow your footsteps.

  • 3

    Incorporate reading habits in your children

    It is imperative for you to inculcate good reading habits in your children. Make sure that reading for some time is a part of your child’s daily routine since the beginning. Decide the right time for your child to read whether it is morning, evening or night, but ensure that the routine is followed.

  • 4

    Do not ignore your child’s interest

    While choosing books for your children to read, you must take into account the interest of each one of your children. Keep in mind that your children will never be able to enjoy reading if the topics are not of their interest. Do not enforce your choice on your children as it will have an adverse effect on their personality. Take your children along to the bookshop or library and allow them to choose books of their choice.

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