The Best Sports Shows on Television

There are so many sports shows on television that it often becomes difficult to decide which shows to watch. I rate each sports show and tell which areas they excel and come up short.

Pardon the Interruption is one of my favorite shows on the air. The hosts of the show Michael Wilpon and Tonny Kornheiser are great and they are very funny. They make fun of each other on the show and know a lot about sports. The first segment of the show leads off with the most current sports topics such as last night’s playoff game or recent news events in the world of sports.

After the commercial break, the segment called 5 Good minutes airs in which Tony and Mike interview someone who is relevant to that week in sports. For example a draft analyist might be interviewed before an NBA or NFL draft.

The third segment of the show is devoted to a fun game that they plan on the air. Such a game is often called “Odds Maker” in which Tony and Mike guess the odds of a team winning a big game that night. Another interesting game they play is called “Role play” in which each one of them take turns at playing the role of a famous person or in some cases an animal such as a Kentucky derby horse.

The fourth and final segment of the show is wishing people a happy aniversary of a memorable event, a happy birthday, or a farewell to someone in the world of sports who has passed away. This segment is also broken up by the 6:00 time slot of Sportscenter. On most weekdays, Sportcenter will air a segment showing the finale of Pardon the Interruption. In the final segment, called “The Big Finish,” Mike and Tony give their thought on any upcoming events that night or any final thoughts they want to say.

Around the Horn is a show that most people either love or hate. At times the show can be really boring but occasionally they have a good show. The show has four contestants who all know each other and compete for points given by the host named Tony. Some of the people on the show you may have heard of as newspaper columnists like Jay Mariotti from Chicago, J.A. Adonde, Michael Smith or Bob Ryan from the Boston Globe. Each reporter or journalist has their own style and information that they contribute to the show. A couple of rounds are given initially about recent sports topics or playoff games from the previous night. Each sports writer or journalist gives their own opinion on the matter and are given points based on their information. There are two elimination rounds followed by a head to head competition. The first person to score two points in the final round wins. Then the winner gets around 15-20 seconds of face time in which they get to say anything on their mind.

Sportscenter is of course the best show on television for all of your sports news. Sportcenter is known throughout the world as the best sports news show. Sportcenter airs a new show every weekday at 6 pm. The anchors on the show are great and my favorite is Steward Scott who is famous for his slogans like “Boya.” Each anchor has their own distictive style and delivery when they host the show which is what makes it so great of a show. During the show they will have a sports analyist on the show and break down a play of show you insight or teach you something you didn’t know before. Each episode has highlights from the previous day and night’s sports events. This include everything from horseracing to baseball to hockey.

The Sunday Reporters is a weekly show and is one of my favorite sports shows that I look forward to each week. The show has some of the best reporters like Mike Lupica who are some of the most intelligent reporters in the world of sports. They tak about controversial topics like Barry Bonds and steroids. Towards the end of the show which airs on Sunday mourning at 10 am, each reporter gets to say whatever is on their mind. I highly recommend this show to all sports fans.

The Daily News Reporters are a group of reporters who are mainly in NY and focus on sports in the metropolitan area. The sports teams that they cover are the Jets, Giants, Mets, Yankees, Knicks, Islanders and Rangers. They tell the facts and what the NY sports teams could do to improve their teams and which players and coaches they should trade for or sign in the offseason.

Mike and the Mad Dog is a show on the Yes Network. They also cover NY sports. Sometimes the show can get boring but at other times it is very interesting. I like it when they interview Joe Torre and Willie Randolph, managers of the Yankees and Mets as well as interviews with other NY sports managers or General Managers. They give informative information but there are too many commercials. They get call-ups from NY fans who are angry or happy about a team’s performance.

Fox Sports Net is a show that I like the least. The show does not give informative information nor are ther aired on prime time. The show is used more for entertainement and most of the time they are not funny.

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