The Best Summer Health and Diet Trends

Best kicks
Nike iD
Call them sneaks, tennies, trainers, or zapatos, but it’s the shoes that lend style to basic workout wear. Why settle for anything less than the perfect pair? The Nike iD collection allows shoppers to personalize their kicks. Choose the coolest combination of laces, tongue, midsole, outsole, heel, and “swoosh” colors. The Women’s Air Zoom Danzantes are superflexible kicks for Rihanna-worthy dance moves. Just color coordinate with fave clubbin’ clothes.

Best body shaper
Ballroom dancing
As seen on TV: rumba, samba, and salsa do a body good. If all that cha-cha-cha can make celeb B-listers look fit and fabulous, just imagine what it can do for A-list Dallasites. Ballroom dancing is one of the sexiest exercise options. Plus, it burns about 114 calories every twenty minutes.

Best diet drink
The Sonoma Diet
A weight loss regimen that includes alcohol is certain to grow a fan base. Based on the fresh dining options of California vineyards, The Sonoma Diet encourages flavorful combinations of sweet berries, whole grains, lean meats, and moderate enjoyment of wine. This Mediterranean-inspired lifestyle is heart healthy and leaves the dieter feeling much less deprived.

Best vegetarian feast
Kalachandji’s Restaurant and Palace
It is possible to have a Texas-sized dinner that isn’t headlined by steak. This veggie oasis offers a buffet of exotic dishes that benefit the palate, physique, and animal friends. Homemade bread, tamarind tea, and delicious dal join a panoply of savory vegetarian dishes. Kalachandji’s may be hard to pronounce, but it’s easy to enjoy.

Best spa splurge
Taking a Kur
Get that skin radiant for swim season with a European-style beauty day. Using mineral-rich natural resources, like medicinal mud and algae, Kurs combine a series of therapeutic treatments to revitalize the body. Try a Moor mud bath, seaweed wrap, and soothing tub soak, followed by a gentle aromatherapy massage. For best results, indulge in the repeated series for ten days in a row.

Best food fad
Wild Alaskan Salmon
According to Dr. N.V. Perricone, it only takes three days to achieve a “Face Lift in Your Fridge.” The core ingredients to a youthful glow are the antioxidants and essential fatty acids found in salmon. Daily consumption of the Omega-3 superfish firms and smoothes the skin. Just hold the bagels and cream cheeseâÂ?¦

Best road less taken
Dallas hiking paths
A little sunshine and fresh air beats an afternoon in the office. One of the prettiest trails is the 2.3 mile paved path on the West Bank of Turtle Creek. Enjoy a sweet bit of green adjacent to Downtown Dallas. Lace up on lunch break and take a hike. Pretty people-watching is also a plus.

Best stress relief
Travel boutiques are jam packed with battery powered stress management tools. Avoid the vibrating gadgets and opt for the goofy named, but oddly effective, Jacknobber II. The acrylic massagers resemble giant toy jacks. Each ball foot, however, rubs that little spot under the shoulder blades just the right way. Whether you “jacknob” yourself or enlist a friend, troubles will seem to melt away.

Best reason to mow the lawn
Hamptons chic for everyone! Croquet mallet and seersucker suits are always dapper. The old school lawn sport encourages a little healthy competition, but allows players to still keep one hand on the cocktail. An Oxford croquet set, replete with ash and brass mallets, is a fine investment. Who doesn’t want to engage in the sport of kings, queens, and Alice in Wonderland?

Best protective measure
For a bright future, there’s got to be shade. The best treatment for fine lines and little dark spots is prevention. New beauty products deliver burn protection along with a bronze sheen. CrÃ?¨me Compact Solaire Teintee by Clarins, for example, is gives a touch of sun-kissed color and protection from the sun’s harsh rays. Estee Lauder’s Amber Bronze Lip Tints deliver a sheer wash of color with SPF for that delicate pout.

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