The Best Washer and Dryer Repair Provider in Salt Lake City

Looking for a great washer and dryer repair service provider in Salt Lake City? Look no further than Famous Appliance and Service Company. Based in the heart of Salt Lake City, Famous Appliance has been a family run business for over four years and has built a reputation of reliability and good, efficient service.

The company has worked hard the last several years and has earned a five star rating on sites like CitySearch and Service Magic. Companies like Service Magic make finding a home appliance repair servicer easy by pre-screening companies, and following up with customers and giving ratings based on those customers answers. There are a lot of choices, and quite a long list of service repair shops in the area. Companies like Service Magic help to make the choice a lot easier and takes the time out of calling multiple providers. I first located the company using this service. They do a thorough 10 point inspection on every company, including verification of licenses for providers as well as the business itself, check sex offender and criminial backgrounds, and do a bankruptcy and lien search on each company.

While most repair shops offer about the same level of service, Famous Appliance and Service Company has taken it one step further. Good customer service is key to maintaining your client base. When I needed their service, they were out within a couple of hours. Another time that I used them, they gave me an accurate time frame on when they would be there, than called when they were on their way. Many companies will tell you, “We’ll be there between 12pm and 5pm.” This company gave me an exact time, or were able to give me a one to two hour window that they would be there. They called when they left the job in front of me, and made me aware if they were going to be late. As a customer, I appreciate not having to be tied to my home for hours on end, hoping I didn’t miss my repair person.

Another feature unique to Famous Appliance is the ability to go online and type in the problem I am experiencing, and get an online quote before I ever schedule an appointment. This is a great tool to have to determine how much I will need to have in order to fix my appliance. However, sometimes I’m too busy to get an online quote, and I appreciate that when the company comes out, I always know how much it will cost to fix before they start. That way I don’t waste their time, or mine if it’s something I really can’t afford at the time.

The company is good to come out and ask questions, seem concerned about me and my problem, and work to accurately fix the problem while staying within my budget. They are good to give me other options or help me determine the most important thing to fix if I am not able to fix everything at once at the time they come out. I also find that helps me as a customer feel like I have options, and am able to fix a problem I may be having without breaking the bank.

Famous Appliance and Service Company in addition to washers and dryers also services refrigerators, dishwashers, disposals, and compactors. They are able to repair almost any major brand and model of appliance and have most of the needed repair parts in stock. The company offers a one year warranty on all parts and labor.

While the service and timeliness of the company is great, I find that when it comes to price they are competitive, but they are not the lowest priced company. I feel that the services and customer service I recieve help to make them more competitive. But they are not the cheapest or most inexpensive company you will find. However, having someone come out the same day for me is invaluable.

Famous Appliance and Service Company is one of the best washer and dryer repair service providers in the Salt Lake Valley. For repair providers in your area, check out the site

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