The Best Way to Catch a Mouse

The first thing that I was to get across is, killing mice by using traps and poison should not be used. Especially if you have children and pets in the house. You should always try to catch the mouse alive and let it go at least a couple blocks from your home. It’s very easy to catch a mouse if you know what you’re doing. Nobody wants to find a dead mouse and what if the mouse dies somewhere like, behind your cupboards? What kind of problem could that create. Most mice do not die in open view for you to find them. They simply get lost somewhere, die and start to smell awful. Instead of letting this happen, make sure to catch the mouse while it’s alive.

The best way to catch a mouse is to buy a trap which the mouse crawls into but cannot get out of. It will only cost a couple of dollars and the chances that you can use it again and highly probable. You will want to see where the mouse is most commonly seen. If you notice that the mouse is going into the cupboards you will want to remove everything from the cupboard and place the mouse trap inside of that cupboard. If you see mice in your garage you can purchase a couple mouse traps and place them in the corners of your garage. Mice like to stick to the outskirts of any room. You usually wont see a mouse run straight across your home. They feel safe running along your walls and trim.

Now that you know where the mouse has been going, it’s time to go out and buy your trap. Home depot sells a lot of live mouse traps. Buy the kind with a trap door so that the mouse cannot escape. It will only cost you several dollars and you wont have to track down a dead mouse. Mice are living animals too and should be treated as such. Now you will want to place something in the mouse trap that your mouse will love to eat. I know the first thing that’s going to come to mind is cheese but you are wrong! We had a mouse inside our duplex and we used cheese and never caught the mouse. I will tell you what you can use however.

You will want to use peanut butter. This will catch your mouse in a matter of days. Once you catch the mouse you’re looking for, put some more peanut butter in the live mouse trap and continue catching them. Remember to let them go a couple of blocks away in a field if you can. Remember to check the mouse trap on a regular basis so that it doesn’t die inside of the trap. If you don’t feel comfortable letting the mouse go than you can talk to family or friends and have them let the mouse go for you. A neighbor might also be willing to help you let the mouse go. Thank you for using a humane mouse trap and congratulations of getting rid of your friend, “The Mouse.”

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