The Book of Ads – Be Part of Internet History!


Today has been launched “The Book of Ads” an original and innovative advertising site on the web [].

Drawing upon the successful “Million Dollar Homepage” and sister sites, Guillermo Vigil, a seventeen year old high-schooler based in Luxembourg, has created an advertisement site whose purported aim is to sell 10,000 ads in the form of pages of a book.

“My challenge was to create an innovative advertising site on the wake of the world-acclaimed Million Dollar Homepage” ? told us Guillermo while balancing on his chair. When we asked him if its emblem could be “Buy a page instead of a pixel”, the young Guillermo promptly replied that actually the site’s motto is a little bit more ambitious: “Be part of Internet History” means that what the advertiser is buying is a niche on a book which aims to be a part of Internet history.

“Is like buying a place on an Internet Hall of Fame, an imprint through which thousands of advertisers will be able to track its presence on the net.”

The Book has only two chapters, the first intended for more economic ad space, and the second for bigger advertisers. The pages open up randomly, so there is no price ranking based on ad location. The price starts from as only US$ 0.95 and will reach stepwise its standard rate of US$ 99.95 in coming months.

As we were saying him goodbye, we wished Guillermo the best success for “The Book of Ads”, that is certainly to become “Part of Internet History”.

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