The California High School Exit Exam

There has been trouble brewing over this issue of the California High School Exit Exam since the school year ended. Approximately 40,000 students failed this test and could not graduate high school.

Some would argue that it is unfair for “certain groups” to have to abide by the state standard in order to attend the greater colleges in the U.S. Arturo Gonzalez is the laywer representing these kids that have chosen not to study as hard as others for this particular exam.

However, the fact of the matter is this�the California High School Exit Exam is based on 7th and 8th grade math and english standards that the children had to know in order to pass these grades. If they can not prove they have learned these skills and concepts again, how will they pass the college entrance exams if they are desiring to go to college?

Deputy Attorney General Karin Schwartz told a state Court of Appeal panel, “Education is fundamentally about the acquisition of skills and knowledge.” She said, “Without the skills, these students are fated to a lifetime of lower earnings.”

91% of high school students have successfully passed the high school exit exam in California. They have passed all the reqiuirements and studied hard to achieve their success. So, to them this 9% and their lawsuit is nothing more than a slap in the face. All of the students have the same chance and choice to complete their assignments and study this basic knowledge.

“I think the lawsuit against the High School Exit Exam is really pathetic. As a student, testing is very important, it shows where I am academically, if I learned anything that I have been taught and if I need to alter my study habits in order to score higher. I think that just because you have another heritage in your blood line does not give you the right to extra privilages and loop holes to skate through life. This is nothing more than an excuse to get out of responsibility. Education is very important and if any of these other students want good jobs or a college degree, they are going to need to know basics and get used to the idea of things not being sugar coated. I don’t think that this is asking too much to pass simple 7th and 8th grade standards. Besides, all I keep hearing about on the news is that certain minority groups, most of which are now fighting the exam because they didn’t pass it, keep telling America how they just want to be treated like a normal citizen, they want to be accepted and have the same opportunities as we doâÂ?¦. Well, then they need to act like and start working just as hard as we do.” Says an 10th grade Placer County student.

The whole nation is watching intently on how the courts will settle this matter of the California High School Exit Exam. We are all anxiously watching to see if the standard we have set to help our children be successful in their adult life will matter or if it will be dismissed for a minority that lives in this country but refuses to abide by the rules of the state in which they live.

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