The Civil War Chess Set is the Most Popular Themed Set

The chessboard becomes a battlefield

Pitting the Confederate Army of the South (commanded by General Robert E. Lee) against the Federal Troops of the North (led by General Ulysses Grant) a Civil War Chess Set lets chess players reenact one of North America’s most turbulent times.

Regardless of how the real battles of Gettysburg, Shiloh, Bull Run and others played out during the war, the boys in blue and gray can go man-to-man again on the chessboard, with only the finest strategic moves determining the outcome. What’s more, as long as you have a willing opponent, you can stage a rematch as often as you like.

The most popular of all the themed sets sold today, a Civil War Chess Set is the ideal gift for history buffs, collectors of commemorative items and chess players alike. The handsome handcrafted chessmen are so finely detailed and exquisite, that even history fans and collectors who haven’t learned how to play chess yet, will surely want to learn.

A Civil War Chess Set provides excellent historical value about many aspects of this famous North-versus-South battle, such as its soldiers, weapons, uniforms, flags, cannons and more.

Shop online for a Civil War Chess Set

Whether you’re looking for a complete set that includes the chessboard or just the playing pieces, the internet is the perfect place to shop. You can browse at your leisure any time of the day or night, and compare prices and features of a chess set without driving all over town.

You’re certain to find a much wider selection online than you will at your local hobby shop, and you’ll save a bundle on gas. Shopping online also enables you to get all of the information you need to decide which set you prefer, without relying on pesky salespeople who are often not very knowledgeable. And when you enlarge the photos to see the finer details, such as the buttons on the uniforms or the stripes on the American flag, it’s like holding the chess piece in your hand.

Many a Civil War Chess Set includes a beautiful chessboard absolutely free, with choices ranging from a matching civil-war themed board to high-quality walnut. If you already own a chessboard, you will find a great selection of Civil War chessmen with just a few clicks.

The handsome chessmen of a Civil War Chess Set are beautifully sculptured and hand-painted with meticulous attention to detail. The most widely available Civil War chess pieces are made from a durable polyresin material that has the look of carved stone without the expense. You can also find them in hand-cast metal and alabaster. Look for heavily weighted chess pieces that have felt pads on the bottom to protect your chessboard.

A history lesson in disguise

If you are a chess-playing parent, a Civil War Chess Set is a wonderful educational tool. As you teach your children how to play the game of chess, you can educate them about this important time in American history. What’s more, they will be so focused on learning how to play chess, they won’t even realize you are sneaking in a history lesson on the side.

Regardless of whether you’re a chess-playing pro, a novice, or just recently decided you’d like to play this classic game, a Civil War Chess Set will provide years of strategic fun for all ages.

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