The Death of AdSense

Over the last year and a half, I have discovered how quickly the Internet and the writing business evolve. When I started writing a blog using Google AdSense in order to put my ideas out there and see how much money could be made by blogging on a regular basis. While I made a bit of money off the endeavor and was able to draw some interest in my work, I knew that this could not be the only way to succeed as a writer and advertiser on the Internet.

When I came upon Associated Content and later upon PayPerPost, I discovered that I could both write what I wanted to write and make money. Associated Content, as you are no doubt aware by being on this web site, offers users the opportunity to practice their craft and make a nice supplemental income. PayPerPost ( ), which connects bloggers to advertisers in order to get out the word on web sites and products, offers a new opportunity for writers to delve into advertising and copy writing.

While AdSense yielded few page views and fewer dollars, Associated Content has offered me a great audience for my work and a nice chunk of change for my efforts. PayPerPost, in the month that I have been writing for them, has proven to be a good tool for drawing new viewers to my work on Associated Content and a good connection to advertisers who can offer repeat work in the future. My recommendation to anyone who is new to web writing or blogging is to diversify your outlets because in the growing online world there is a need to hit as many venues as possible to get maximum exposure. Associated Content and PayPerPost are two good ways of creating a web writing portfolio.

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