The Difficult Life of a Celebrity Baby?

There seems to be a baby boom going on this year in Hollywood. But as many people already know a lot of celebrities choose to keep their children hidden from the public. While others choose to be very public about their children allowing tons of pictures to be taken. Unfortunately the media has been very harsh on many celebrities when it comes to their kids.

Take for example the situation with Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. They recently had a baby and decided to wait before bringing out into the public eye. Of course there is nothing wrong with that most parents wait a few months before exposing their children to crowds of people. But the media decided to try and use every tactic they could think of to get a photo of the baby. They even made statements that the baby does not exist and the made the whole thing about. This was obviously an attempt to make them want to bring the baby out sooner.

Unfortunately this is something that a lot of celebrities have to face when they decide to add children to their lives. But should they expose their babies to the media and the rest of the world? Well since it is their child they have every right to decide what is best. It really is hard enough for any celebrity to attempt to have a normal life. The minute they step out of the house with their baby, the media begins to attack their vehicle just to try and be the firs to get the perfect shot.

These poor babies probably do not know what is going on. Unfortunately this is something that any celebrity parent must go through. Even if you agree to a photo shoot with the baby and their picture is splattered everywhere you will still have to deal with people trying to get a picture of the little one. This is in addition to all of the crazy people that are constantly stalking them. So not only do they have to worry about themselves but they now also have to worry about their kids. There are plenty of crazy people who would love the opportunity to get their hands on a famous baby.

Many people fail to realize how difficult the life of a celebrity baby is. Even as they grow it will be difficult for them to leave the house or even play outside without someone trying to get a sneak picture of them. Also the more famous the parent the worse the media will be. You would think that after they got one picture of the baby they would leave them alone, but this is something that does not happen.

The media and fans will camp outside their homes and even the child’s school. This is usually why so many celebrity kids travel with as much security as their parents, and they go to very private schools. For some celebrity children it works out just fine for others they grow to be miserable adults. One celebrity child who has a very famous mother is Kate Hudson daughter of Goldie Hawn.

She grew up as the daughter of a celebrity and her parents did everything to keep her out of the celebrity spotlight until she was old enough to handle the pressures. Well as we all can see it really worked out to her benefit. She is currently one of the hottest and most popular actresses right now. She chose to follow in her mother’s footsteps, and it is obvious that talent runs in their family. But for some the spotlight can be a bad one.

Especially for those whose parents are always getting negative reviews from the media? This is especially true in the case of Whitney Houston and her family. As everyone knows her husband is constantly in the media for being arrested or doing something else violent and the ones that get the bad reputation are their children.

The bottom line is that growing up as a celebrity baby can be a very difficult thing to deal with, maybe if more fans and the media took the time to put themselves in their shoes they may be a little more sympathetic to their situation.

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