The Effectiveness of Cat Repellent

Cats are a breed of beloved household pets that inhabit the homes of many people. While most cats are kept indoors, there are some that allowed to roam in the outdoors. This freedom often temps cats to prowl in gardens and flowerbeds and chew on plant life or dig around and leave feces in the soil. This type of behavior is a general nuisance to pet owners and anyone nearby where a cat may dig and it may be necessary to purchase a method of cat repellent to deter cats from getting into prohibited areas.

A good idea to consider when thinking about purchasing a cat repellent is to look into methods that utilize sound. Ultrasonic cat repellents use a kind of high frequency alarm that only cats can hear. Typically these units also have a motion sensor so that the unit is not constantly on, but is triggered by movements in areas where the cat is prohibited from going. Its helpful to have a motion sensor with the unit because they are often battery-operated and maintaining a constant sound will quickly drain them of their energy. Different ultrasonic cat repellent alarms have a varied range of reach. Be sure to find a unit that reaches the areas you want to protect or else consider purchasing multiple units. The high frequency that the units emit sounds do not harm cats.

Natural cat repellent methods use the power of scents to deter cats from digging around in garden soil or entering and causing trouble in certain areas of the home that are off-limits. Powders and granules are infused with the scent of the urine of a cat’s natural predator or enemy such as a coyote. If the scent is spread onto areas where cats are prohibited from, these products may scare them away or make them think the area is inhabited by a predator. The jury is out on whether or not these types of products are completely successful every time, however, they may work depending on the environment.

A less expensive cat repellent may be a good spray with a garden hose. After a few times of being squirted, the cat may learn the lesson to keep away.

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