The Emergence of David Wright on the New York Mets

David Wright is a baseball player that plays second base for the New York Mets in the National League and in only his second season in the major leagues has quickly become a fan favorite. In the city of New York where the fans can be demanding and often boo the hometown team, David Wright has a growing fan base who admire everything that he does in baseball.

David Wright was born in Norfolk, New York which is also around the same area as the Mets Triple A Team the Norfolk Tides. David Wright just seems to have this mystique about him that people have come to love. While most rookies would struggle especially in a pressure packed environment like New York City, Wright was amazing last year as he posted a .306 average and 102 RBIs.

In addition to his hitting which will become better every year, Wright is also a great fielder and although he tied the league lead last year with 24 errors, he showed many times his agility and great leaping ability to make that jaw dropping play in the field that makes fans go “wow.” Wright’s defense will surely get better and he is already drawing comparisons to St. Louis third baseman Scott Rolen who has won six gold gloves for his outstanding defense.

In batting Wright can do it all. He can hit for power as he did with 27 home runs this year and in the last three games has hit three straight homer runs. He had a .306 average last year which shows he can get that needed base hit when the game is on the line. Finally, even when he has two strikes against him he can still hit for a high average where most hitters struggle. This year he was batting .284 with two strikes against him. Wright has a great eye at the plate and draws walks which leads him to get on base frequently.

Wright is also practicing on his game with his batting and practicing taking grounders in the field to make him a better player. That is the sign of greatness to come. Wright has it all including speed and good base running which allowed him to steal 17 bases last year.

Wright was picked in the 2001 draft with the 38th pick by the Mets and quickly went through the Mets farm system. Wright is so adoring to fans because he always plays hard and chats with fans and signs autographs. Wright is a humble person and he has quickly been embraced by all of New Yorkers and respected around the game of baseball.

Wright is arguably the best third baseman that the Mets have had in their history and Wright’s clutch play has shown that he will likely spend the rest of his career in NY.

Growing up, Wright’s father worked as a police chief at the Norfolk Tides baseball games. Wright’s father was a die hard Mets fan and that is the same way that David grew up. David was also the oldest of four brothers which taught him a sense of responsibility. At the early age of 9 David Wright was already put on a Little League Team and was the youngest one of the team. His father taught him the values of humility, perserverance, loyalty and honor both on and off the field of baseball.

As Wright continues his career as a NY Met he is sure to be an All Star player for many years and lead the Mets to several championships before his long career is over.

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