The Flame Resturant in Rosedale Mall Review

This is a review of the Flame Restaurant in Roseville, Minnesota. It will discuss the atmosphere, how clean the restaurant is what the food is like, how friendly and on top of it the waiters/waitresses are, and give a rating for each of these areas.

Location: The location of the Flame Restaurant is good right near the AMC movie theater and other popular name restaurants like Granite City and Potbelly’s. When you arrive at the Flame the first thing you will notice is the real flame on the building over the name, pretty original. The building itself from the outside is tan in color with red accent tiles which are continued inside the restaurant.

Seating: Flame in Roseville does have patio seating, not a lot of seating but as much as they can have comfortably in the small space on the malls sidewalk. Inside seating is very spacious with a lot of room between tables. Seating ranges from metal/wicker chairs outside to red leather booths or wood chairs and tables inside.

Atmosphere: The setting is perfect for a date, red tiles, flames over the grill area, and candles on each table. Could work on their menus they are cheap paper

Clean?: The restaurant was clean and bathrooms were nice and clean.

Bathrooms: Let me start with I am the person who will order and then always go to the bathroom to wash my hands and if the bathroom isn’t clean what can be said about the kitchen? I have actually left a restaurant after going to the bathroom and seeing how dirty they are I have actually left! Flame however had very clean bathrooms when I was there. They could be a little brighter they only have small mounted lights that don’t provide enough light. The sink is a big rectangle filled with rocks, very classy.

Person 1: Creaser Salad: was okay dressing is made with anchovies
Person 2: Mini burgers: Burgers were okay, pickles on top were dried out, French fries were over cooked and cold
Person 3: BBQ Wings: Waitress forgot to submit this persons order
Person 4: Rib eye steak: steak was okay ordered medium rare but came out medium well. Onion rings on top were good but you only get 4. Ordered a side of cheese hash browns with cheese were okay not cooked enough

Service: Waitress was slow everyone’s drinks were empty long before she came back, added a misc. item to one of the bills, and forgot to put in one of the orders.

Overall: Being the restaurant is new maybe they have to work out the kinks but not a restaurant I would ever go to again, food was okay, service was slow and could get better service and more food for your money at Applebee’s.

Rating on a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being the best):
Service: 6
Atmosphere: 8
Food: 6
Prices: 5

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