The Flip-It Vacuum by Bissell: A Product Review

Sweeping, vacuuming, washing and scrubbing. Cleaning the floors of your home can be an arduous task. If you’re anything like me, you’re always on the lookout for something to make the process easier and less time consuming. The Bissell Flip-It claims to vacuum your floors, wash them, and them wet vac them dry again with just one lightweight machine. I purchased a Bissell Flip-It and checked out what it could do.

Cleaning: B-

If you’ve got a simple cleaning job ahead of you, the Bissell Flip-It can do the job. This slender, electric broom style vacuum sweeps the floors well (don’t even think about using it on the rugs and carpets) when vacuuming up light dirt and dust. It blanches a bit at heavier jobs such as winter salt and sand and cat hair and requires repeated passes. It has no attachments, so, as with any electric broom, the corners of your home will require a little added personal attention.

Once you’ve vacuumed the area to be cleaned, simple “Flip-It” over. The vacuum becomes a floor washing machine with the flip of a wrist.

Again, the Bissell Flip-It does a fine job on easy cleaning jobs. If your floors are fairly dirty or are soiled with something more obstinate than the usual dust and traffic dirt, you will either need to repeat the cleaning several times or choose another method to get your floors sparkling.

Ease of Use: B

The Bissell Flip-It is an easy little machine to use. It certainly lives up to its name. The flipping mechanism is surprisingly fluid and the easy trigger that sprays the cleaning solution onto the floor is conveniently placed and simple to work. Once you’ve deployed the cleaning solution onto the floor, release the trigger, and the Flip-It works as a wet vac, vacuuming the dirty water back up off of the floor and into its dirty water tank.

The challenge of using the Bissell Flip-It is that it is a small, lightweight machine with small tanks. The dirty water tank and cleaning brushes require frequent emptying and cleaning, interrupting the job and adding to the cleaning time and effort.

Price: A-

At approximately $100.00, plus several dollars for their special, proprietary cleaning solutions for hardwood floors and vinyl or tile, the Bissell Flip-It is an excellent bargain. For simple cleaning jobs, the Bissell Flip-It is worth the price, making light work of light cleaning.

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