The Freshwater Chilensis is Thin Bladed

There are at least fifty different types of freshwater plants that you buy for your aquarium. Most of them are green in color and they look like long blades of grass. The Chilensis is one of these plants. It looks like a few blades of grass that grew to be very large. This plant can often times reach over a foot in length so you will want to place this plant on the bottom level of your fish tank which is at least 12 inches high. This plant is not difficult to take care of as long as you have a good light and the proper temperature in the fish tank.

You will want to keep the tank somewhere between 70 and 80 degrees. You can place a heater in the fish tank to make sure that the water doesn’t drop below 70 degrees. You will want to set your tank to come on with a timer so that the light isn’t on all day long. You will only want the light to come for around 7 hours per day because any longer than that and you will start to heat up the water and you will soon notice that you are starting to get an algae problem with will soon cover your plants and start to take over your entire freshwater fish tank.

This plant can be purchased for around 5 or 6 dollars from a local pet store near you. Usually you will find them at any Petco or Petland in your area. They usually carry the widest supply and variety of freshwater plants. If you cannot find the plant you will want to ask the people working at the pet store if they could help you find a Chilensis. If they do not have any you can ask them to notify you when they get one of these plants in. You will not have to purchase more than one of these plants because they will sprout baby plants all of the time!

If you are thinking about medication your fish you will want to remove the plants. If you cannot remove the plants from your fish tank you will need to use a medication without copper which is safe to use with freshwater plants. You cannot just remove the fish because you will not have treated the water which is the main cause of all of the problems. You will need to medicate the water and fish. Plants are very picky when it comes to different harmful chemical in the water. You will need to purchase some type of fertilizer to add to your freshwater tank in order to keep freshwater plants alive and healthy.

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