Runaway Builders Cause a Tumbling Whirlwind

Residences of this small 75 home community are left with piled debris, broken concrete, rhubarb and flapping insulation as Dallas winds tear at the half finished houses. Homes lacking loving families to tenderly give a personal touch, sit wilting into moldy piles of brick rubble and debris. With falling interest rates, and high foreclosures, the suburban neighborhood in the heart of small town Forney seems to be a ghost town.

Mid-afternoon kids get off the bus and dodge billowing trash rolling like tumbleweeds down the street. Later, after kids change for play time, they crawl over sand dunes of concrete piles, leveling sand piles become makeshift beach castles in empty yards. Will this small community suffer the death of property values because builders caved under financing woes or will owners find a way to salvage their property values?

Neighbors in the completed homes, gracefully decorate their yards with sculptures, landscaping and fancy fences, trying not to stare into the unfinished distance of empty lots and for sale signs dotting the distance. The diversity of the neighborhood lends a beautiful community charm where kids of all ages and races play kindly with care. The only sign of trouble is the signs of emptiness where blocks are incomplete, and dirt piles give to the windy gusts of Northern Texas. Until this mortgage crises ends, I guess, the answer my friend, is blowing in the wind.

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