How to Store Plastic Resin Lawn Chairs Over Winter

The recent cold snap means that outdoor entertaining is slowly coming to a close. While it’s still too early to winterize the grill, I’m slowly moving all my resin chairs into winter storage. Unlike upholstered outdoor furniture, resin lawn chairs are much too cold to sit on when the temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. The cold weather also makes them more susceptible to breakage which is another good reason to move these into the garage once the temperatures drop. Here’s how to prep your resin chairs for winter storage.

Wash them thoroughly. Break out the hot soapy water and sponge, and give your resin chairs a thorough scrubbing along the seat, back, legs, and underneath. Be sure to scrub out the hollow parts of the legs since this is a favorite place for spiders to collect. Once the chairs are clean, rinse them off with hose and let air dry.

TIP: Stubborn stain in the seat won’t wash out? Try using a mild abrasive such as baking soda to scrub away the stain.

Examine. This is the time to examine the chairs for condition. Any one with a split in the leg or back should be thrown out so it isn’t accidentally used next spring. Sadly, resin chair are not recyclable and must be tossed in the trash can.

Stack. What I like about resin chairs is that they are stackable which saves me space in the barn. I group my chairs by type and style, and then stack them 8 high.

Store undercover. I store my chairs in an unused corner of the barn where they are out of the way of the vehicles, and any winter equipment that we might need. Because my barn can get dusty over the winter months, the chairs are covered with a vinyl tarp to keep them clean.

These four steps are all it takes to prepare your resin charges for winter storage. Proper cleaning and storage will ensure that they’ll be in great shape when it’s time to bring them out next spring.

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